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  • Summer Mornings with Pique Tea

    Summer Mornings with Pique Tea

    This morning was a get-up-and-go kind of morning. A who-has-time-to-let-the-coffee-brew kind of morning. A it’s-too-hot-for-coffee-anyway kind of morning. So I grabbed my Harry Potter travel mug, brewed myself some iced English Breakfast tea from Pique Tea (in a matter of seconds, mind you), selected a summertime read, and set out to find the perfect reading […]

  • Cozying up with Books & Thai Chai Tea

    Cozying up with Books & Thai Chai Tea

    I think I write about the weather on Books & Tea quite often. It seems strange to me that this frequent topic of awkward small talk earns so much press on my blog, but I cannot help it that weather fills me with both inspiration and nostalgia. I sense that it settles in most often […]

  • Hot and Cold for Coconut Tea

    Hot and Cold for Coconut Tea

    Actually, my feelings about Coconut Tea from Adagio Teas are lukewarm, which coincidentally is the temperature that I preferred this tea. It took experimenting with my entire 8 oz. sample bag of Coconut Tea in one day to figure that out though. It’s not that I dislike the tea, I just felt that Adagio has […]

  • Lemon Soleil Tea in One Word: Happiness

    Lemon Soleil Tea in One Word: Happiness

    Lemon Soleil Tea in a Bunch of Words: Last weekend it was near 40 degrees (Fahrenheit), which is generally considered “balmy” this time of year for most northerners. Except it was a soggy and sleety 40 degrees, which somehow changes entirely how 40 degrees actually feels. It tends to seep in through sweaters and jackets […]

  • Earl Grey Lavender Tea is a Fickle Fellow

    Earl Grey Lavender Tea is a Fickle Fellow

    During college, I had a waxing interest in the Steampunk subculture– not to the point where I wore Steampunk-inspired garb– but I did have a handful of Steampunk bands loaded onto my iPod. Abney Park was my favorite. I also frequented Steampunk blogs, and it was through them that I discovered a webcomic called Wondermark […]

  • Caramel Tea is a Sweet Treat

    Caramel Tea is a Sweet Treat

    If there is anything good about my work office running out of coffee for two weeks, it’s this: I’m rekindling my relationship with tea because I have to wake up earlier to get my caffeine fix at home. Actually, the tea thing was happenstance. I normally have a stash of coffee beans in the freezer […]

  • Sunday Afternoon Pick-Me-Up

    Sunday Afternoon Pick-Me-Up

      Tomorrow is the first of June, but today feels like a brisk October day; it’s overcast and drizzly, windy, and brisk. I’m not quite sure how to feel about that. On one hand, I adore Autumn. On the other hand, I’ve actually been looking forward to sunshine and warm weather since this winter was […]

  • Pass Me the Cup, Darjeeling

    Pass Me the Cup, Darjeeling

    When I drink black tea, I often compare it to drinking coffee or red wine or even beer. It’s bold and usually full-bodied. It’s rich and astringent and malty. It’s the kind of tea I drink on cold, overcast days because it warms me up and keeps me extra alert. But then, Giddapahar Muscatel from […]

  • Of Insecurities and the Jewel of the Arya Estate

    Of Insecurities and the Jewel of the Arya Estate

    Spring officially begins in a few days, but today it seems more like Autumn; its brisk and windy and overcast. I started getting drowsy in the afternoon, so I brewed myself a mug of Arya Ruby Darjeeling tea from Golden Tips Tea for a mid-day pick-me-up. Lately, I’ve managed to sip on teas that seemed […]

  • Won’t You Be My Valentine Tea?

    Won’t You Be My Valentine Tea?

    Some say Valentine’s Day is just a Hallmark holiday– a consumerist holiday to lure starry-eyed suckers into buying over-priced chocolates to prove their love. And to them I say, “if you’re not going to eat those, may I have them?” I shant complain about February 14, and if my boyfriend chooses to love me one […]