Earl Grey Supreme from Harney & Sons

I associate Earl Grey tea with the Autumn and Winter months. With mornings when I wake up before the sun, where there is a cold nip in the air, and the clouds hang heavy in the sky. We have had plenty of Earl Grey mornings lately even though it’s only the beginning of September and still technically summer. Is it just me, or does it seem like Autumn is rolling in early this year? You won’t find any complaints about that here; I live for Autumn! Plus, it just means I get to break out my Earl Grey a little earlier. The first Earl Grey of the season was Earl Grey Supreme from Harney & Sons.

Earl Grey Supreme from Harney & Sons is a classed-up version of your usual cuppa. It’s a blend of black tea, silver needle white tea, and bergamot oil (not flavoring!). When I open the bag of tea, I am greeted with the familiar scent of malty black tea and zesty, powdery lemon.

My steeping notes are a little hazy since I couldn’t find my measuring spoon. (How does a tea drinker lose that?!) But it was just under two teaspoons per 12 oz. of boiling water for five minutes. The tea yielded a cup of dark caramel brown liquor.

Harney & Sons Earl Grey Supreme is more delicate than your average mug of Earl Grey. It’s a light-bodied tea, and the maltiness of the black tea was subdued and almost sweet with the addition of the white tea. The Harney & Sons website mentions they blend this tea with a higher amount of bergamot than usual, but I found the bergamot flavor to be light and well balanced against the tea.

But, for as lovely as this cup of tea was, it’s not what I want to reach for first thing in the morning. I’m a former coffee-drinker, so my first cup of tea has to have more…chutzpah! It would be perfect for Second Breakfast though ;).

Do you have a favorite kind of Earl Grey, and what is it? Or if you don’t like Earl Grey, what is your favorite breakfast tea?

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One thought on “Earl Grey Supreme from Harney & Sons”

  1. Earl Grey always tastes like coming home to me. I am someone who loves tea and always have done. But this was the first one I ever tasted, and I love having it when I feel ill or homesick for that reason. I drink a lot more tea now but earl grey is the OG!

    Olivia-S @ Olivia’s Catastrophe


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