Hello! My name is Jackie, and I drink tea. Sometimes I even write and film videos about it.

I am a part-time accountant and a full-time mom, who works from home while toddler wrangling. Balancing work and raising a toddler is never easy, but at least I have all the tea at my fingertips to help keep me grounded.

About By Golly, Ollie!

By Golly, Ollie!, formally known as Books & Tea, started as a book blog back in 2011. It has since been abandoned for a period of time in 2017, then refurbished into a tea blog, and finally transformed into…this…whatever this is. Let’s call is a lifestyle blog that leans heavily into the realm of tea.

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12 Comments on “About

  1. Can I please just say: I LOVE THE FACT THAT YOU DO TEA REVIEWS. Seriously, I’m so impressed by that. I’m more of a coffee girl, but I’m getting into tea as well, since one of my friends is slightly obsessed with it and keeps giving it to me for birthdays/Christmas/every single occasion in between. (Like, way to be subtle, right? 😉 ) Hm… perhaps I should hook you guys up…


    • Thank you!

      I’m still a bit of a coffee gal too. Especially since my town has a coffee company that sells packages of coffee beans that have been roasted in the store THAT DAY. So good. But one Christmas (about 8 years ago), I just out of the blue asked for a tea pot. And that was that.


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  3. How have I not found this blog before. Lovely reviews cant wait to read more from you!


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