I Failed Adagio’s communiTEA

While re-organizing my tea cabinet last week, I discovered a bag of communiTEA teas from Adagio Teas. It was dated the week of March 8th through March 14th, and each single-serving packet within was still sealed shut. I remembered I kept putting it aside with the intent to film YouTube videos or take Instagram glamour shots because if a tea is not showcased across social media, was it even consumed? The goal of the CommuniTEA is to bring people together over the same cup of tea on the same day, and I did not show up. I just never made the time for it.

I’ve written and talked about how drinking tea is a lesson in being present and in mindfulness. Yet, I never address how it always seems to be at odds against my blogging and vlogging hobby and how both tend to take me out of the moment. I can’t begin to account for the times I’ve spilled tea all over the table because I was more focused on photographing the silhouette of tea pouring from a gaiwan. Or the times I struggled to get through advent calendars or countdown boxes timely because filming and editing videos is really time-consuming.

And despite my awareness of this problem, instead of taking a few moments just to myself to enjoy a cup of tea…I spent the past two days binge-drinking communiTEA teas, taking pictures, and typing up this blog post. #NOREGRETS

March 8 – Currant Tea

I am a sucker for Adagio Teas’s creative blends, like the new Honeybush Blueberry Pancake. Have you seen my video, where I rave about it? But, I am equally in love with their simple, fruit-flavored black tea blends. The Orange Black Tea from Adagio Teas is a favorite of mine, and now the Currant Tea from March 8 was love at first sip, too. Adagio Teas’s Currant Tea is a blend of black tea, natural currant flavor, and raspberry flavor. I can’t recall the flavor of currants, but this blend offers a brisk and slightly malty-sweet black tea base that is complimented by red berry flavor. I’ve never been particularly inspired to make my own tea blends before, but I couldn’t help but wonder how the Currant Tea would taste blended with cream and zesty lemon flavors. I might be exploring Adagio’s Signature Blends soon…

March 9 – Formosa Oolong

When I first started sipping the Formosa Oolong, I was fairly indifferent about it. By the end of the cup though, it had me longing for brisk October mornings. This week’s heat-wave also makes me wish October was already here, but I digress. This tea tastes slightly toasty and definitely like crunchy Autumn leaves. The Adagio Teas website mentions there are some fruity notes in this tea, but I didn’t notice them. It’s possible I may have been able to draw them out using a different steeping method.

March 10 – Serenitea

The Serenitea blend is a fandom tea blended by Amy Zen. It is inspired by the science fiction series Firefly, and it is a blend of Spearmint, Gunpowder Green Tea, Black Tea, and Hazelnut flavoring. It’s an interesting twist on a Moroccan Mint because of the subtle hazelnuttiness. Also, and I feel like I lose a lot of nerd credit for admitting this, I have never watched Firefly beyond the pilot episode, so I have no idea if this blend captures the essence of the series. (Also, I may have forgotten to take a picture of the tea after I steeped it…)

March 11 – Speedy Recovery

I tend to stay away from blends that are for wellness or health purposes because I can’t not imagine the tea tasting medicinal. Even teas like Speedy Recovery, which is a blend of Green Tea, Peppermint Leaves, Ginger, Licorice, Cardamom, Fennel, Marigold Flowers, Black Peppercorn & Cloves starts to sound unappealing even though I appreciate all the ingredients except licorice. The flavor of green tea takes a backseat allowing the peppermint, ginger, and fennel shine in this blend. While it has challenged my perception of wellness teas, I still won’t reach for this one during the winter months. I take advantage of my stuffed up nose to power through all the teas I’m avoiding drinking!

March 12 – Apricot Green

Apricot Green from Adagio Teas is a blend of Green Tea, Apple Pieces, Natural Apricot Flavor, Apricots & Marigold Flowers, and I suppose of all the days during my communiTEA week, this was the tea I looked forward to the least. I’m not in love with flavored green teas, and I am not in love with Adagio’s peach or apricot flavoring. Yet, I found myself pleasantly surprised by the Apricot Green. I opted to sweeten this tea with sugar and serve it over ice, which helped to tone down the vegetal and steamed vegetable quality of the green tea used in this blend and allowed for the juicy apricot flavor to pop. This turned in to the kind of tea I could drink buckets of on a hot, summer day.

March 13 – White Strawberry

I may have also grumbled when I saw the packet of flavored white tea in my communiTEA week because white teas and I don’t get along. But you know what? I kind of fell in love with the blend from March 13. Within the packet was White Strawberry, which is a blend of White Tea, Rooibos Tea, Apple Pieces, Blueberries, Hibiscus, Natural Strawberry Flavor, Strawberries, Rose Petals, Blue Cornflowers & Natural Vanilla Flavor. This tea was juicy strawberries, sweet vanilla pound cake, and the most luscious, silky, and thick mouthfeel. It was basically strawberry shortcake in a cup. Would I get this again? Yea…yea, I think I would!

March 14 – Sweet Science

Sweet Science is another fandom tea, and this one is blended by Lisa & Kat Miller. This tea is inspired by Princess Bubblegum from Adventure Time, and it is a blend of Rooibos Tea, Black Tea, Apple Pieces, Rose Hips, Hibiscus, Marigold Flowers, Natural Peach Flavor, Coconut, Natural Creme Flavor, Natural Pineapple Flavor, Natural Coconut Flavor, Pineapple Pieces & Apricots. While I enjoyed this blend, sipping from such a small sample almost ensures that I do not get the full range of flavor this blend was trying to accomplish. I taste tropical fruit-flavored rooibos, but I’m missing the creamy notes from the coconut and creme flavors.

If you’re interested in learning more about the kinds of teas Adagio’s newest subscription service offers, be sure to check out my first post on the communiTEA. A YouTube playlist of my reviews on some of the teas I’ve tried so far, is also posted there. Also be sure to check out the Adagio Teas CommuniTEA page to find out what other tea drinkers think!

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