Butterscotch Chai from DAVIDSTEA

Following my Celebration of Autumn with DAVIDsTEA YouTube series, I couldn’t resist placing another order with the company to buy more of their Pumpkin Chai and Salted Caramel Oolong. Then, I found myself tempted by several new and re-released chai blends because who doesn’t like warming up with a spicy chai latte when the temperatures start to drop? Butterscotch Chai. Baked Apple Chai. Maple Chai. Cinnamon Bun Chai. How is a lady to choose?

The answer: She doesn’t. She lets her husband choose, and when he selects Butterscotch Chai, she’s quietly disappointed he didn’t choose Cinnamon Bun Chai.

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Armchair Travel And Rooibos Cinnamon Apple from Adagio Teas

Love it or hate it, 2020 has been a year of armchair travel. When everyone was stuck at home due to shelter-in-place orders, many turned to sharing old vacation photos as a way to feel a little less cooped up. I have managed to avoid that trend until now, thanks to the Rooibos Cinnamon Apple blend from Adagio Teas, which transports me to an afternoon spent picking apples in Ohio.

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Moscow Mule from DavidsTea

Last summer I was pregnant. Like, super pregnant. Which meant I didn’t get to kick my feet up on the back porch while reading and sipping a beer— a most enjoyable and relaxing summer pastime. Nor did I get to indulge in a cold and refreshing Moscow Mule, my favorite cocktail by far. I did get DavidsTeas’s Ultimate Cocktail Kit though. It was a collection of teas inspired by cocktails, and it came with Sparkling Sangria, Peach Mai Tai, Spicy Piña Margarita, Apéro Spritz, and Lemon Smash (note: it appears the kit doesn’t include Spicy Piña Margarita anymore).

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