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Dessert by Deb blends have been on my wishlist since the beginning of 2020, but steep shipping costs to the US have usually deterred me from placing an order. The temptation is becoming harder to resist though, especially after Deb recently released her Winter Brunch collection featuring blends like Banana French Toast, Cereal Milk, Orange Cinnamon Rolls, and Salted Caramel Pancake. Plus, she added a few pieces of teaware to her site, including the most charming Lemon Yellow Teacup that I cannot stop looking at with heart-eyes. In the meantime, I’ve been sipping some samples so graciously sent to me from tea friend, @briannadrinkstea.

Marshmallow Crispy Square

The Marshmallow Crispy Square blend appears to have broken pieces of green tea, large pieces of coconut flakes, pieces of brown rice– some of which have popped open into what looks like popcorn– and a dusting of brown sugar. The vegetal scent of the dry green tea cuts through coconut and sugar sweetness. After steeping, the tea produces a cloudy, yellow liquor that smells sweet and coconutty with this slightest hint of roasted rice.

I’m usually reluctant to sip flavored green teas, but I make exceptions for Genmaicha (a Japanese green tea with roasted rice) and coconut-flavored green teas. Dessert by Deb’s Marshmallow Crispy Square blend was a perfect marriage of both of these. The mouthfeel of the tea is thick and luscious. Coconut is in the forefront with hints of roasty toasty rice and vegetal green tea peeking through at the end of the sip. It is a perfect balance of sweet and savory that I will look forward to dipping in to all year long, although the flavor profile makes me think of Springtime when the sun is warm and golden but there is still a chill in the breeze.

Coconut Maple Custard

The Coconut Maple Custard blend appears to have small, broken pieces of black tea and small chips of coconut that have been dusted with palm sugar. There are also biscuit-colored chunks of what I think is maple or maple sugar. The blend smells sweet and like coconut, and it steeps to a burned orange color with slicks of oil on the surface from the coconut.

I enjoyed the Coconut Maple Custard, but I didn’t taste the flavor profile Dessert by Deb was trying to convey. Most maple-flavored teas do not actually taste anything like the flavor I associate with “maple”. I assume this is because I was raised on Aunt Jemima, which is artificially flavored “maple” syrup. Instead, this tea was a light black tea with a hint of coconut and sugary sweetness on the finish, but it was pleasant to drink, nevertheless.

Orange Creamsicle Mousse

The Orange Creamsicle Mousse blend appears to be small chips of red rooibos and coconut, chunks of orange peel, and short sections of green lemongrass. The blend smells like sweet orange, woody, and slightly medicinal, and it steeps to a rich orange color.

Prior to the Orange Creamsicle Mousse from Dessert by Deb, I have had very negative experiences with any orange rooibos blends that accidentally crossed the threshold into my house. It’s a flavor combination that runs the risk of tasting like cough medicine since orange is a common flavor used in children’s medicine (at least in the U.S.), and rooibos occasionally offers medicinal aromas. But, there is something special about this blend, and I think it’s because it relies on natural ingredients instead of artificial or natural flavoring. The orange pieces and orange peel in this blend offer a soft, juicy orange flavor that compliments the woody rooibos. The addition of the lemongrass builds on the citrus element, too. The cream element, relying mostly on coconut pieces, is subtle but helps create one of the more successful orange creamsicle blends I’ve tried so far. And thankfully, my palate did not discern any medicinal aromas from the rooibos.

Overall, my initial experience with Dessert by Deb has been a treat! I think what impresses me the most is the blends captured the essence of the desserts they were inspired by without relying on massive ingredient lists and artificial flavoring. They are fun and creative and well worth exploring if you’re a fan of dessert teas (like myself!).

If you’ve tried Dessert by Deb, let me know about your favorite blends in the comments! Or, if you haven’t tried Dessert by Deb, let me know what your favorite dessert blends are.

Dessert by Deb offers tea blends, stationary, and tea accessories inspired by sweets and desserts. One of the most unique products offered is the Tea and Sweets Subscription Box, which includes blends exclusive to the subscription, tea accessories, and sweet treats from confectioners from Toronto, CA, where Dessert by Deb is located. If you love dessert blends, make sure you check out the Dessert by Deb website.

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