My October Sips

Let me preface this by saying, it isn’t my fault Harney & Sons, Adagio Teas, T2, and DavidsTea all had amazing sales and/or sent me amazing coupon codes the week of my birthday. It is my fault that I purchased so much tea that I ran out of room in my tea cupboard and my pantry, so now I have a large box of tea just sitting on the floor in the corner of my kitchen. Technically, I’m supposed to be on a tea-buying ban, but I kept hearing about this enticing subscription box from Sips by, and before I knew it, my irrational, pregnant brain convinced me it was a good idea to subscribe. Seriously though, how could I say no to four premium teas selected just for me based on a personalized tea profile for just $15 a month?

My first Sips By box arrived by the time Jon and I returned home from the hospital with Oliver. My October Sips included a minty, herbal blend from Dryad Teas, a green tea from Golden Tips Tea, an herbal tea with guarana from Tea Pigs, and a spiced chai from Turmeric Teas.

One of the first teas I tried came from Dryad Tea, who hand blends small batches of tea inspired by music, mythology, literature, and general geekery. Dryad Tea also offers different sweeteners, custom blends, silicone tea infusers, and metal tea infusers decorated with D20 dice.

I tasted their Faerie Garden tea, which is a caffeine-free blend of spearmint, peppermint, lavender, heather, cornflower petals, and cinnamon, and it was a perfect, soothing nightcap. The scent of the dried leaves reminded me of a stick of Wrigley’s Double Mint gum, but the flavors ended up being more complex than that. I love mint teas, so I knew I was going to appreciate this, but what I thought was going to be a blend that was overpowered by minty flavors ended up being subtly spicy from the cinnamon, too. The cinnamon was an exciting addition that caught me on the back of the tongue as a finishing note. The lavender, however, was lost on me during this steep. I still have a little bit of the sample left, which I plan to steep and then re-steep to see if I can draw some of the floral aromas more. If you love mint teas, make sure you check out this unique blend.

I’m peeling myself away from the Dryad Tea website. There are so many tempting blends like Come to the Labyrinth, which is a black tea blend with apple, vanilla, and cinnamon flavors or like Pixie Can’t Sleep, which is a black tea blend with vanilla, honey, and lavender flavors.

Do you subscribe to any subscription boxes, and which ones?

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