Five Earl Grey Teas to Keep You Cozy

When I first started my tea journey a decade ago, I was most excited about tasting Earl Grey. I thought this simple blend of black tea and bergamot oil was the kind of thing tea connoisseurs and true tea heads sipped. I was ecstatic when I found a box of Twinings at a World Market! I thought I had found loot, though I would soon discover Twinings lined the tea aisle in every grocery store. My initial perception of Earl Grey is laughable now, but I will always have a soft spot in my heart and room in my tea cabinet for this blend. I find a special sort of comfort in the tea, especially as the temperatures start to drop, so here are five Earl Grey blends I’m keeping cozy with this Autumn.

Lavender Earl Grey from Seafoam Lavender

I love a lavender-scented Earl Grey. (Especially when they are sent from the very best, far away tea friends– thanks Jann!) This soothing, floral blend always makes me feel a little more proper when I sip it, and I like to pretend I’m sitting in a little English garden instead of my cluttered kitchen in Michigan. This blend from Seafoam Lavender is especially nice because, while flowers can be a tricky and over-powering ingredient to work with, Seafoam Lavender found a perfect balance, and neither the bergamot nor the lavender compete with each other. This is a blend I like to sip on the greyest of days to remind me Spring will come again.

Vanilla Creme Earl Grey

A vanilla flavored Earl Grey, like a lavender Earl Grey, frequents my stash. The warmth of the vanilla is a perfect contrast to the bright and citrusy bergamot. Most Vanilla Earl Greys that come into my collection are blended with vanilla flavoring, but this blend from California Tea House has actual vanilla beans in it. This one is perfect to warm up with after coming out of the cold, and is it just me? Or does this one taste slightly boozy but in the best way, too?

Winter Earl Grey from DAVIDsTEA*

This seasonal blend from DAVIDsTEA is similar to the Vanilla Creme Earl Grey, but the creme factor is dialed way, way up. This blend also include orange flavoring alongside the usual bergamot oil, which add an extra layer of soft and sweet citrus. Oh, and did I mention there are also pink peppercorns in the Winter Earl Grey? They add an interesting peppery element, which makes this blend one of the more unique Earl Greys I have tried. I find myself reaching for this one the most, right now.

*At the time of writing this post, the Winter Earl Grey is not available on the DAVIDsTEA website. I happened to snag a bag early because I am a Frequent Steeper. Keep your eye out for this one though. It’s worth tasting!

Earl Grey Bella Luna from Adagio Teas

This is one of those blends I forget about because it only fits in the back of my tea cupboard (out of sight, out of mind). But, anytime someone mentions it, I’m crawling on countertops and dismantling perfectly stacked tins of fandom teas to reach for it. The Bella Luna Earl Grey is a brisk but indulgent coconut creme-flavored Earl Grey, and it is only available during the full moon.

Winter White Earl Grey from Harney & Sons

Sometimes a girl just wants to sip her Earl Grey in the afternoon but also still wants to fall asleep at a reasonable hour and not three o’clock in the morning. For that, Harney & Sons offers an Earl Grey that is blended with white tea instead of black tea. It’s a little softer and a little sweeter, but it still hits the spot when I’m craving that pop of bergamot.

If you follow me on any of my other channels, you may be surprised to find this white tea blend on my list. I am too! But, I love the soft citrus flavor of the bergamot oil, and it pairs well with the subtle floral and sweet grass aromas of the white tea. Like the Lavender Earl Grey, the Winter White Earl Grey makes me feel a little more proper. Like, I’d like to sip it while reading Pride and Prejudice along an idyllic riverbank in the English countryside.

Are you a fan of Earl Grey too? Tell me about your favorite Earl Grey blends in the comments!

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