The First Day of Spring with Chunmee Green Tea

How appropriate that I should upload a video and publish a blog post about a delicious tea that resonates Springtime on the first day of Spring? I didn’t even plan this. I don’t even think I’m that clever anymore. Of course, it’s only March, which means Michiganders are still weeks away from consistently pleasant weather and pink and white blossoms budding on trees, but at least the sun has started to poke through Winter’s cloudy days. That’s a start. In the meantime, there is Made of Tea’s Chunmee Green Tea to sip on while we wait. It has an aroma that reminds me of freshly cut hay, which makes me antsy for warmer weather so I can spend some time outdoors.

I don’t think I’ve looked forward to Springtime so fiercely before. Between working from home and having a little guy all cooped up indoors, I can’t wait for weather warm enough for strolls at the park. Here are 6 other things I want to do this Spring:

  1. Re-do the kitchen; liven it up with fresh paint, replace light fixtures, buy a kitchen table finally…
  2. Try my hand at growing a little tea garden in my backyard, again
  3. Learn how to mow the lawn so Jon and I don’t battle over the yard anymore
  4. Clean up and re-mulch the flower beds in the front yard, so our house has a little more curb appeal
  5. Get back in to shape. I’m basically a loaf of Brioche at this point
  6. Giving my home the Marie Kondo treatment. Seriously, when did I accumulate so much stuff?

What is springtime like in your neck of the woods, and what are you looking forward to doing?

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