Lemon Meringue Green Tea is the Cat’s Meow

You probably won’t believe me when I say I’m not that keen on lemon-flavored anything. Not after I baked that delicious Lemon Loaf Cake inspired by the Memory of Lemon by Judith Fertig. And definitely not after I raved about Lemon Soleil Tea from Adagio Tea. I’m not even sure I believe it myself, especially not after sipping Adagio Tea’s Lemon Meringue Green Tea. In fact, I can say with a certain degree of confidence that I am most definitely in denial about my love for lemon-flavored treats.

Adagio’s Lemon Meringue Green Tea is a blend of green tea, apple pieces, orange peels, natural lemon flavor, marigold flowers, natural vanilla flavor, and natural creme flavor. Upon opening the pouch, I’m greeted by the zesty and sugary-sweet scent of the blend, which reminds me of both a box of Lemonheads and a box of Fruit Loops. But don’t let that intimidate you because the flavor of the tea is actually quite mellow compared to the scent of the dry leaves.

I first enjoyed this tea hot and plain. I did not really taste the green tea as much as I would have expected, and yet I’m not actually disappointed by this. Instead, I taste bright citrus flavors with a subtle, undercurrent of creaminess (my spell check is trying to tell me that I meant to type “dreaminess”, which is kind of the same thing, right?). It’s the kind of tea I want to drink in February to remind me that world isn’t always freezing and dark as I stare mournfully out the window at mounds of snow and a sidewalk that was technically supposed to shoveled already according to the village ordinance.

When this tea really shines though is iced and sweetened. Preferably sipped outside while reading a book on a perfect day like today– 77 degrees with a breeze, sunny, not a cloud in the sky. (Somebody pinch me! I must be dreaming!) It’s just like eating lemon meringue pie without the risk of over-indulging on too many slices. Plus, nobody judges you for going back for a second cup of tea, right?

Adagio’s Lemon Meringue Green Tea appears to be a seasonal blend, so be sure to snag some before the end of springtime!

A sample of Lemon Meringue Green Tea was provided by Adagio for free in exchange for an honest review.

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Jackie A.

Michigander. Bookkeeper by day; blogger by night. Some of my favorite things include: travel, photography, video games, sweater-weather, reading, and tea. The Harry Potter books are my favorite, and I can never have too much peppermint tea.

4 thoughts on “Lemon Meringue Green Tea is the Cat’s Meow”

  1. LEMON MERINGUE GREEN TEA?!? This is a distinct hallelujah. I have never heard of such a thing, and yet, the thought of drinking dessert fills me with a horrified joy. Can this be true? I MUST get my hands on this. Recently i have been drinking Pukka’s peppermint and liquorice, and nothing seems to compare. So maybe this tea will do the trick. Thank you for providing the link!


    1. It truly is divine.

      I wonder if my grocery store carries the Pukka brand because peppermint and licorice tea sounds pretty awesome. I’ve tasted tea with licorice root before, and I love the unique sweetness it adds to the tea. (And peppermint…well, that’s just a favorite!)

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