Five Picture Books About Christmas

Five Picture Books About Christmas We Are Reading This Week

Fact: Motherhood has ruined me, and I started listening to Christmas songs on November 1st. I think our Christmas tree went up the following week. In lieu of homemade Christmas cookies, because Oliver has an egg allergy, I stirred up a batch of rice crispy treats in which I dyed the marshmallow fluff green and red. And, I think I have watched a Christmas movie every other day since the beginning of December. So, of course, I couldn’t resist borrowing picture books from the library to keep Oliver and me in the Christmas Spirit. Here are five picture books about Christmas we are reading this week:

The Knights Before Christmas by Joan Holub, illustrated by Scott Magoon

The Knights Before Christmas is a parody of the Christmas poem, The Night Before Christmas, in which three knights, one brave, one polite, and one silent, protect their keep from one jolly intruder.

Indiebound | Goodreads

The Christmas Quiet Book by Deborah Underwood, illustrated by Renata Liwska

Simple sentences and soft color pencil drawings of charming woodland creatures capture the quieter side of holidays usually filled with Christmas carols and jingling sleigh bells.

Indiebound | Goodreads

Dinosaur Christmas by Jerry Pallotta, illustrated by Howard McWilliam

Have you ever wondered who pulled Santa’s sleigh before the reindeer? Well, the answer is dinosaurs. Dinosaur Christmas explores the different dinosaurs that once pulled Santa’s sleigh and the silly reasons why that did not work out well.

Indiebound | Goodreads

The Biggest Smallest Christmas Present by By Harriet Muncaster

Clementine is a teeny-tiny little girl, who fits in the palm of her parents’ hand. Being tiny is mostly fun, but for Christmas, she always receives giant gifts. She tries to creatively communicate with Santa that the gifts are too big but learns gratitude along the way.

Indiebound | Goodreads

Stowaway in a Sleigh by C. Roger Mader

Curiosity leads Slipper the cat to the North Pole after meeting Mr. Furryboots (aka Santa). He enjoys exploring Santa’s workshop but quickly finds himself feeling homesick.

Indiebound | Goodreads

Are there any Christmas books you enjoy reading? Let me know in the comments!

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