Video Diary: An October Park Day

Autumn has slinked in. My season is finally here. I have already dragged out the oversize sweaters, the fuzzy socks, and the snuggly throw blankets. I have been burning spiced pumpkin and sugar cookie candles non-stop. And of course, my tea consumption has drastically increased as the temperatures have dropped. Jon, Oliver, and I are also trying to soak in as much of the outdoors as possible before freezing winter weather inevitably turns us into hermits. We plan to take in an apple orchard and a cider mill in the coming weekends, but one of our most favorite ways to enjoy the outdoors is to walk over to the park that is right next to our house and take strolls in the warm, Autumn sunshine.

Our most recent park day included leaf-peeping, watching hawks float about in the sky, observing wooly worms inch along the sidewalk, and listening to wind rustle through dried cornstalks.

What are you looking forward to this Autumn?