Granola Bars for La Peligrosa

You may be wondering, how are Dangerous by Shannon Hale and these homemade granola bars related? Actually, now that I think of it, they’re not. But hear my delicious side of the story out!

In Dangerous by Shannon Hale, a group of youngsters is flung up in to space via a space elevator, and during their brief visit, they are exposed to alien technology that bestows upon them superpowers. One member gains keen observational skills and becomes a sort of homing beacon for the rest of the team members. One gains a sudden understanding of mechanics and can suddenly invent new pieces of technology with ease. And then you have your standard superpowers like superhuman strength, the ability to generate impenetrable body armor with a simple thought, and the ability to launch projectiles as fast as a bullet with a simple flick of the fingers. Totally cool, right?

Except, there are some very real consequences the Fireteam must overcome as a result of these superpowers. Like the fact that the scientists in charge of Astronaut Camp want to isolate them and study them, or like the fact that a business tycoon wants to use them for his own corrupt attempts to gain power. Or, more imminently, like the fact that these new superpowers have their metabolisms working overtime. Their insatiable appetite could very well be their demise. Of course, Maisie Danger Brown (or occasionally La Peligrosa/Danger Girl) catches on quickly, and makes sure she always has a backpack of power bars to chow down on whenever her tummy starts rumbling. As a result, I couldn’t stop obsessing over granola bars for about two weeks.

La Peligrosas Granola Bars
(Disclaimer: I’m not a baking guru. I used the Strawberry Banana recipe from Amy’s Healthy Baking [with some slight variations])

Now, I know that a granola bar is a far cry from a power bar. Especially the granola bars I cooked up because apparently they’re only 105 calories, which is satisfactory for a mid-morning work snack for me, but Maisie Danger Brown would have to eat several pans of these. Luckily for Maisie (and myself) though, these granola bars are mighty tasty and surprisingly really easy to make. Honestly, I think I spent less than 10 minutes prepping (most of that time was spent dicing strawberries), and 17 minutes baking.

Most of all, I like how I don’t feel guilty eating these. Look, I’m a super fan of Quaker Oats Chewy Granola Bars– especially their Peanut Butter Chunk (heaven!). And, as I’ve gotten older, my fortitude to control my portions has weakened (or maybe I never acquired that skills set…). Anyway, what I’m trying to say is, I cannot bring Quaker Oats Peanut Butter Chunk Granola Bars in to my house because I would devour the box in one sitting. Have you ever read the ingredients in a granola bar? Sugar and its many variations show up no less than 11 times. The only added sugar in these homemade bars is honey, which you supposedly can omit if you let your banana get reeeeeeally, really overripe. Also, there is only 6 ingredients that go into this snack, all of which I can pronounce (rolled oats, coconut oil, milk, honey, strawberries, and bananas). It’s almost too simple and makes this treat dangerously good.