How to Become Ms. Marvel

About mid-way through last week, I received a text message from one of my very best friends from high school, inviting me to participate in Trunk or Treat. It’s been ages since we hung out, so I jumped at the opportunity. She told me our group would dress up as superheroes, so I spent the morning before the event creating a Ms. Marvel costume. I’ve never been particularly crafty, so I was pleased with the finished product. 

The materials were inexpensive, and you may even have most of them lying around anyway. You will need a black shirt, a red scarf or strip of fabric, gold fabric paint (or gold, glittery fabric paint for extra glitz), a fabric paint applicator, stencil board or poster board, an X-acto knife, a ruler, and cardboard.

Creating Ms. Marvel’s Shirt

  1. Trace the shape of Ms. Marvel’s lightning bolt onto your posterboard or stencil board. (This was the most challenging part of this project for me because I attempted to free-hand it with the edge of books and a three-hole punch because I haven’t owned a ruler since grade school.)
  2. Cut out the lightning bolt using an X-Acto knife. I placed a piece of cardboard under the posterboard so I could easier and protect my kitchen table.
  3. Place another piece of cardboard inside the black shirt to ensure the paint doesn’t bleed through the shirt layers.
  4. Lay the stencil over the shirt and apply the gold paint to the shirt using the fabric paint applicator.

After the paint dries, which took about one day, style with a pair of black jeans, black boots, and a red scarf tied around the hips (or, channel your inner Kamala Khan and wear the red scarf around your neck). This costume is unassuming enough that you can even wear it as everyday cosplay!

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Michigander. Bookkeeper by day; blogger by night. Some of my favorite things include: travel, photography, video games, sweater-weather, reading, and tea. The Harry Potter books are my favorite, and I can never have too much peppermint tea.

2 thoughts on “How to Become Ms. Marvel”

  1. WE HAVE THE SAME MOOD RIGHT NOW. This is insane considering I’m a self confessed contemporary hater and fantasy lover. I never thought the day would come where I would crave a fluffy novel. I think I’m coming off the aftershock of emotions that my exam stress gave me so hopefully this sensation should die down soon because I’ve got some crazy dark fantasy and whatnots planned and I don’t want them to be affected by this mood. Recommendations however, I can give! Huntley Fitzpatrick–that’s who you want for this mood (unless you haven’t read Perkins, which, in that case, you should go for first). She does all those summer love story things (alright, she’s done two). They’re called, What I Thought Was True and My Life Next Door. Jenny Han is great for some fluff, I think, because I get recommended her all the time (but have yet to attempt because…I’m not the biggest contemp fan…) And Emery Lorde also wrote Open Road Summer which seems great!

    You’re costume is ace, by the way. Too bad aus isn’t too bothered with dressing up =_= My dream is to go as a pumpkin and I have no idea why.


  2. I can feel really accomplished to make soemthing your hands. I don’t craft a lot of thigns either, but I do enjoy it when I do. Your costume turned out really well! I never heard of Ms marvel before, but judging from that book cover, you really made the costume look like the real thing!

    I haven’t started the Lunar Chronicles yet, although I would like to.l

    I would like to recommend Anywhere by J Meyers, it tackles some serious issues, but manages to stay light. Or one of Karen Rock her books, she writes heartwarming romances.


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