Foggy Morning n Michigan
When the seasons change, Michigan mornings become foggy. The drive into work is never fun, but this street lamp that created a halo behind a tree at 6:00 in the morning was worth a few moments of admiration.

Autumn is Here!

And I celebrated by going to a pig roast with the boyfriend (he has a friend that  hosts one every year). The friend sent the invite out about a month ago declaring September 27th was going to be the perfect day for the pig-a-palooza, and boy! was it perfect. The weather was warm for late September– about 80 degrees– and even though there wasn’t a cloud in the sky to provide shade, the temperature was actually quite nice (warm but breezy). The location was perfect too. We drove out to a beautiful house in the country and admired the Halloween decorations in the yard, the miniature horses cantering around in the fence behind the barn, and the trees lining the property that were just starting to turn orange, yellow, and red. A wonderful porky and bacon-y aroma wafted from the smoker situated near the barn, and pig-a-palooza goers huddled nearby, waiting for a treat with watering mouths. As the cook started carving the pig (because it really was a whole pig), people sneaked up behind him and pulled tender, juicy meat from the belly and scampered away before they got caught. I waited patiently, and it was worth it. Later, the boyfriend and I headed back in to town, and we watched the sun settle behind a cornfield. (Where must he live if “in town” includes sprawling cornfields?)

Reading Batman: The Dark Knight Returns by Frank Miller, Klaus Janson (illustrator), and Lynn Varley (illustrator)

Graphic Novels

Even after discussing my reading habits last week, I cracked open yet ANOTHER book– Batman: the Dark Knight Returns by Frank Miller. This is outside of my comfort zone because 1. I don’t often read graphic novels (I read some Sailor Moon manga back in high school, but that was it) and 2. I wasn’t sure if I would like it because I’m not really knowledgeable about the world of superheroes (especially DC). Color me surprised though– I actually enjoyed it! So much so that I snagged the boyfriend’s copy of Final Crises. Thoughts to come soon!

On the Radar

I blame it on Stephen Hawking; I have my eye on these books that tell the stories of young adults turning to physics in order to make sense of the tumultuous world around them.

On My Radar - PhysicsEvidence of Things Not Seen by Lindsey Lane ♥ Falling into Place by Amy Zhang ♥ The Theory of Everything by Kari Luna

How is Autumn treating you so far (or if you’re in the Southern hemisphere, Spring)? Do you have any traditions for this time of year?

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Michigander. Bookkeeper by day; blogger by night. Some of my favorite things include: travel, photography, video games, sweater-weather, reading, and tea. The Harry Potter books are my favorite, and I can never have too much peppermint tea.

5 thoughts on “Pig-a-palooza”

  1. It’s Spring where I am and wow, those bugs really got the message because they’ve been coming in bouts. But the sunshine is back (but in Aus, when is it really gone?) and it’s just all round great weather. I hope Autumn is treating you well! It’s my favourite season. I’ve been meaning to read Falling into Place but just have never gotten around to it. I do hope that you enjoy though :)!


  2. Autumn is just beginning where I live (western USA), and I’m definitely thankful for the nice weather! I’m not much of a summer person so it’s wonderful finally getting a chill in the air.

    Comic books! They’re my latest obsession, and I’ve really been meaning to get my hands on a bunch. I lean more towards Marvel since its characters are more interesting to me (I’m a HUGE Captain America fan, as well as Avengers, Thor, and X-Men fan). I’ve been meaning to pick some up at the store but I’m rather lazy. I’m glad you enjoyed your venture into graphic novels, though! I’m always really impressed by them because even though they ARE quicker reads, they’re so complex! The storylines that overlap and come together and diverge? It gives me a headache, haha.

    I’ve been meaning to read Falling Into Place, but alas. I’ve been on a bit of a dry spell with books and I’m afraid every book I pick up will be a mediocre read. 😦


    1. I’m more interested in the Marvel Universe as well, but that could be because of the movies and the video games– I’m just more familiar. I snagged Batman because I saw it chilling in the backseat of my boyfriend’s car. It definitely seemed a lot darker than what I’ve grown to love about Marvel.


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