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Video Diary: An October Park Day

October Park Day

Autumn has slinked in. My season is finally here. I have already dragged out the oversize sweaters, the fuzzy socks, and the snuggly throw blankets. I have been burning spiced pumpkin and sugar cookie candles non-stop. And of course, my tea consumption has drastically… Continue Reading “Video Diary: An October Park Day”

Jackson Coffee Company

First, let me say something about my hometown of Jackson, Michigan. It’s missing somethings, like a job market. Decent malls too, but mostly a job market. The industrial part of town is filled with old, dilapidated factories, but if you can look past that,… Continue Reading “Jackson Coffee Company”

Spring has sprung!

The mornings are crisp, the afternoons are warm and smell like freshly cut grass, and the evenings feel soggy like a rain shower is on its way.  Pink and white flowers bud on the branches of bushes and trees, and when the wind picks… Continue Reading “Spring has sprung!”