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Book Review: Never Knowing by Chevy Stevens

I’ve put off writing this review for so long because I haven’t figured out what to say about this book.  Still.  Really!  I went into Never Knowing prepared to dislike it.  It’s not my preferred genre, and on top of that I started reading this book at work;… Continue Reading “Book Review: Never Knowing by Chevy Stevens”

Book Review: Textual Healing by Eric Smith

Textual Healing by Eric Smith

First, there is Andrew Conner, or as he prefers, Ace. He was once a best-selling author, but now he suffers from a drought of inspiration. He’s neither the hyper-masculine brute nor the silent, brooding type that seems to plague too many novels (of the… Continue Reading “Book Review: Textual Healing by Eric Smith”

In Which I am Determined to Finish a Series Other than Harry Potter

I’m notorious for starting book series but never finishing them.  I think the problem is, I read the first few books of the series with fervor but then lose gusto after a while.  Spending upwards of a month with the same characters, the same… Continue Reading “In Which I am Determined to Finish a Series Other than Harry Potter”

Book Review: Greyhound by Steffan Piper

This is one of those novels which I’m unsure how to categorize. It takes place during the 1980s, so I initially considered it “historical fiction”. Yet, the goal of the novel is not to define a decade or even just a specific period in… Continue Reading “Book Review: Greyhound by Steffan Piper”

Book Review: The Great Perhaps by Joe Meno

I’ve never met a book by Joe Meno that I didn’t like, and The Great Perhaps is no different. The novel, with it’s lyrical and darkly funny prose, rotates between members of the Casper family– each chapter digging into their quirks and revealing a… Continue Reading “Book Review: The Great Perhaps by Joe Meno”