Hello, my name is Jackie, and welcome to By Golly, Ollie! (formally known as Books & Tea). I have been blogging here for nearly a decade, though recently this site has endured several name changes and facelifts. I have attempted to repurpose this space several times, but I keep going back to my roots, which is writing about books and tea– even if those books are mostly picture books these days. Below, you will find my latest blog posts, my latest TeaTube videos, and a handful of tea and book recommendations. And of course, thank you for stopping by!

Latest Blog Posts

Five July Favorites

I feel like the month of July flew by faster than any other month so far. But, that’s sort of how it happens, right? As the end of the year approaches, days and weeks and months just sort of slip by faster and faster…

Oh My Darjeeling

I am unkempt hair and peanut butter jeans. Crayon scribbles on the walls and desk and couch. Teetering piles of work and dishes that still need to be put away. Oversteeped breakfast blends tamed with honey and milk are much better suited for me….

Alone Time and Yan Shan Mu Dan

Alone time is fleeting these days. I have been trying to find the time to write about a tea I tasted last Sunday morning, and I finally found it on a Thursday night after everyone else went to bed. I penned this post by…


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New on Teatube

Hi Tea Folk! Today I’m sipping Kentucky Bourbon from Adagio Teas. It’s a newer release, and it surprisingly gave me some strong Autumn vibes. I can’t wait to sip this when the weather starts to cool down. Have you tried any of the new blends from Adagio Teas? Let me know what you think of them in the comments!

THIRSTY? Why not try the Kentucky Bourbon blend from Adagio Teas?


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