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Biscuits and Gravy for the Ghoul Getters

The first time I ever tasted biscuits and gravy was at a Piggly Wiggly grocery store near Darien, Georgia (population: 1,700). I was about 13 years old, and I had been enjoying a family vacation with the company of my friend, Lauren. She was… Continue Reading “Biscuits and Gravy for the Ghoul Getters”

Life Lately: a Very Productive Weekend

I used to be a person who was opposed to taking time off. Part of me was afraid that management would think I was a slacker for taking a mental health day. Or breaks in general. I was the employee who would literally work… Continue Reading “Life Lately: a Very Productive Weekend”

Granola Bars for La Peligrosa

You may be wondering, how are Dangerous by Shannon Hale and these homemade granola bars related? Actually, now that I think of it, they’re not. But hear my delicious side of the story out!

An Exercise in Positive Thinking

This has been a troublesome week, if only because it had days of the week that ended in “Y”– one of them being a Thursday, which has been a notoriously unlucky day of the week for myself since high school. Usually, I am of… Continue Reading “An Exercise in Positive Thinking”

Ten Ways to Avoid Being Productive on a Snow Day

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that snow days are still exciting even when one is an adult. Unless, of course, your employer is cruel and still makes you drive to work despite the foot of snow on the ground. I’ve been there too,… Continue Reading “Ten Ways to Avoid Being Productive on a Snow Day”

Blackberry Hand Pies and Engagements

I have an announcement! I baked some semi-homemade, blackberry hand pies, and they were delicious. Also, I’m engaged!

Books & Tea Celebrates FIVE Years

It just dawned on me that it’s my blogoversary. I actually don’t know what day I officially launched my blog, just that it was an otherwise listless day back in January 2011. I was tidying things up around here, and at the time I couldn’t… Continue Reading “Books & Tea Celebrates FIVE Years”

Feeling Crafty

It took me ten minutes to assemble the Christmas tree this afternoon, and even less time to regret putting it up as Fargo began launching himself into our four-foot, plastic Virginia Pine and ripping down both my Christmas ornaments. Yes, you read that right–… Continue Reading “Feeling Crafty”

A Work in Progress

Work took Jon to Alabama this weekend, and I found myself alone in the apartment without a voice of reason. This is how I am accepting the fact that I once again decided to give Books & Tea a makeover, I just spent $100 at… Continue Reading “A Work in Progress”

Wandering Through Chicago

I don’t know what I was thinking when I accepted an invitation to visit Chicago at “month end” (ie. the beginning of October. Accounting is weird like that). It’s the worst time to be away from work when you’re a bookkeeper, but I decided… Continue Reading “Wandering Through Chicago”