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Just My Cup of Tea: unBEARably cute

So, I had this clever idea for my Just My Cup of Tea feature– I would present a series of tea cups that fit a theme from the book I reviewed during the week. That fell by the wayside when I went on that… Continue Reading “Just My Cup of Tea: unBEARably cute”

Just My Cup of Tea: April Showers

In the north, there often is one week of warm weather early in the year that makes northerners feel irrationally hopeful that spring is around the corner. It usually takes place in March. We start packing away our long johns and bulky sweatshirts…only to… Continue Reading “Just My Cup of Tea: April Showers”

Just My Cup of Tea: A Blank Slate

A (long) while ago, I ran a brief series about finding a designated tea mug for my post-college life. I wanted one that said a little something about me as an individual. Bonus points if it acted as a conversation starter as I awkwardly… Continue Reading “Just My Cup of Tea: A Blank Slate”

Teaview: I’m not nuts about Almond Tea

On occasion, I get a hankering for the flavor of amaretto or raw almonds. I blame it on my sister-in-law, who fixed me my first amaretto sour, when I went to visit she and my brother in the very flat lands of North Dakota (to… Continue Reading “Teaview: I’m not nuts about Almond Tea”

Threeview Teaview

Year of Stash Tea Sampler

I like to pride myself on being a savvy shopper. So when I received a $10 birthday coupon from Stash Tea in my inbox back in December, I couldn’t resist purchasing myself some tea. Ignoring the fact that I have a July birthday, I… Continue Reading “Threeview Teaview”

Teaview: It’s Not Easy Being Green

I’m going to let you in on a little secret, and I would appreciate it if you didn’t judge me so harshly… Okay, here it goes. I don’t really like green tea. Wait! Wait! Maybe I should clarify this. When I say “I don’t… Continue Reading “Teaview: It’s Not Easy Being Green”

Teaview: A fiasco well worth it

First, a huge thank you to Sara @ Tea Happiness for hosting the Two Leaves and a Bud giveaway! I ended up winning the 18 sachet sampler. So you, B&T readers, can expect a handful of teaviews coming your way. Second, this post is… Continue Reading “Teaview: A fiasco well worth it”

Teaview: What do you mean you’re not black tea?

Every so often I’ll dive into a cuppa tea without reading into what I’m drinking, and I’ll make some pretty rash assumptions. This happened recently when I was brewing myself a cup of Adagio’s Ooooh Darjeeling. (Did I type all the “O”s?) During my… Continue Reading “Teaview: What do you mean you’re not black tea?”

Teaview: This Tea Actually Made Me Wish for Snow

I received a bunch of different types of tea for Christmas, yet the lonely, sample tea bag of Adagio’s Chestnut Tea was the one that piqued my interest the most. I should preface this by saying I’ve never had a chestnut, so I can’t… Continue Reading “Teaview: This Tea Actually Made Me Wish for Snow”