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An Oolong that Embodies Springtime | Charcoal-baked Anxi Tie Guan Yin Oolong Tea

It’s hard to miss Springtime in Michigan. Part of me starts to rejoice because the temperatures are so sublime, and there is a brief period when windows and sliding glass doors can be drawn wide open. Part of me wishes for another blanket of… Continue Reading “An Oolong that Embodies Springtime | Charcoal-baked Anxi Tie Guan Yin Oolong Tea”

For the Loyal: a Harry Potter Fandom Tea

I believe I’ve never sipped a tea more tempting than the For the Loyal tea, a fandom blend by Aun-Juli Riddle, which can be purchased from Adagio Teas. And when I say “tempting”, I mean I could barely resist throwing aside all of my… Continue Reading “For the Loyal: a Harry Potter Fandom Tea”

Summer Mornings with Pique Tea

This morning was a get-up-and-go kind of morning. A who-has-time-to-let-the-coffee-brew kind of morning. A it’s-too-hot-for-coffee-anyway kind of morning. So I grabbed my Harry Potter travel mug, brewed myself some iced English Breakfast tea from Pique Tea (in a matter of seconds, mind you), selected… Continue Reading “Summer Mornings with Pique Tea”

Cozying up with Books & Thai Chai Tea

I think I write about the weather on Books & Tea quite often. It seems strange to me that this frequent topic of awkward small talk earns so much press on my blog, but I cannot help it that weather fills me with both… Continue Reading “Cozying up with Books & Thai Chai Tea”

Celebrate the Moms in Your Life with Tea Crystals!

Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and if you’re anything like me you’re probably wracking your brain over what to buy her now, when you still haven’t even sent her Christmas present OR her birthday present, though it’s been sitting on your dresser forever.… Continue Reading “Celebrate the Moms in Your Life with Tea Crystals!”

Hot and Cold for Coconut Tea

Actually, my feelings about Coconut Tea from Adagio Teas are lukewarm, which coincidentally is the temperature that I preferred this tea. It took experimenting with my entire 8 oz. sample bag of Coconut Tea in one day to figure that out though. It’s not… Continue Reading “Hot and Cold for Coconut Tea”

Lemon Soleil Tea in One Word: Happiness

Lemon Soleil Tea in a Bunch of Words: Last weekend it was near 40 degrees (Fahrenheit), which is generally considered “balmy” this time of year for most northerners. Except it was a soggy and sleety 40 degrees, which somehow changes entirely how 40 degrees… Continue Reading “Lemon Soleil Tea in One Word: Happiness”

These Fandoms are Just My Cup of Tea

Hello again Love-A-Thon-ers! I would hope by now you already know I love books, but did you know that I also love getting swept up in stories found beyond the pages of a book as well? I’m talking video games and television shows! I’ve… Continue Reading “These Fandoms are Just My Cup of Tea”

These Monsters are Just My Cup of Tea

I’ve spent a month reading and writing about books full of spooks– phantoms, zombies, and vampires, oh my! My favorite by far are stories about zombies, although I aside from Shakespeare Undead by Lori Handleland, I didn’t read any zombie stories. There is just… Continue Reading “These Monsters are Just My Cup of Tea”

Autumn, You’re Just My Cup of Tea

I used to love September, but with each passing year of adulthood, I’m learning to love the month less and less. I used to know it for fresh school supplies, back-to-school clothes shopping, and cracking the spine of newly assigned textbooks. Now, I know… Continue Reading “Autumn, You’re Just My Cup of Tea”