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Oh My Darjeeling

I am unkempt hair and peanut butter jeans. Crayon scribbles on the walls and desk and couch. Teetering piles of work and dishes that still need to be put away. Oversteeped breakfast blends tamed with honey and milk are much better suited for me.… Continue Reading “Oh My Darjeeling”

Alone Time and Yan Shan Mu Dan

Alone time is fleeting these days. I have been trying to find the time to write about a tea I tasted last Sunday morning, and I finally found it on a Thursday night after everyone else went to bed. I penned this post by… Continue Reading “Alone Time and Yan Shan Mu Dan”

I Failed Adagio’s communiTEA

While re-organizing my tea cabinet last week, I discovered a bag of communiTEA teas from Adagio Teas. It was dated the week of March 8th through March 14th, and each single-serving packet within was still sealed shut. I remembered I kept putting it aside… Continue Reading “I Failed Adagio’s communiTEA”

Ancient Tree Green Puerh from Masters Teas

The one thing I know about Puerh tea is I don’t know much about Puerh tea. So, I made it one of my resolutions to learn about it, taste it, explore it, and see if I could acquire a taste for it. My first… Continue Reading “Ancient Tree Green Puerh from Masters Teas”

Tea Review: Gyokuro from Japanese Green Tea Co.

I really enjoy my mugs of delicious flavored teas and tisanes. I will always reach for a Hot Cinnamon Spice when winter settles in. I will happily chug honeybush dessert teas that taste like banana nut bread and cotton candy. And of course, how… Continue Reading “Tea Review: Gyokuro from Japanese Green Tea Co.”

the communiTEA by Adagio Teas

Beginning in January, some Adagio customers started receiving a mysterious package labeled “the communiTEA” along with recent orders. Printed on the package was a note that said, “The commuiTEA is a unique place where Adagio patrons from all around the world can sit down… Continue Reading “the communiTEA by Adagio Teas”

Five December Favorites

I know we are three days into the New Year already, but you know how it is with these wrap-up posts… I like to take a minute (or more realistically an hour that gets edited down to about 12 minutes) and reflect on the… Continue Reading “Five December Favorites”

By Golly, I Have Over 200 Types of Tea!

One of the very first YouTube videos I created was a declaration of my self-imposed Tea Buying Ban. It’s actually a painfully awkward and un-charismatic video, but the stop-motion display of my tea collection at the time was kind of fun. I ended up… Continue Reading “By Golly, I Have Over 200 Types of Tea!”

Formosa Fancy Bai Hao from Masters Teas

Formosa Fancy Bai Hao Tea from Masters Teas

Origin: Wen Shan, TaiwanElevation: 650mHarvest: May 2018Purchase from Masters Teas It feels that lately, I have been drinking a bunch of mediocre tea. The kind of mediocrity (mediocriTEA?) that has me continually reaching for the same bag of tea in hopes of either having an “A-Ha! Moment”… Continue Reading “Formosa Fancy Bai Hao from Masters Teas”

S’mores Chai from DAVIDsTEA

Origin: Not ListedElevation: Not ListedHarvest: Not ListedPurchase from DAVIDsTEA I admit I’ve never gone camping. I’m afraid of the dark. Of being gobbled up by hungry bears. And most of all…the bathroom situation or lack thereof. So, the opportunity to indulge in this ooey-gooey,… Continue Reading “S’mores Chai from DAVIDsTEA”