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Five January Favorites

The first month of the Roaring Twenties is over! And so soon, too. It usually seems like January drags by, but I don’t even know where this month went. Hopefully, that won’t become a mantra for this year– I don’t even know where this… Continue Reading “Five January Favorites”

Word of the Year: Explore

I have had this thought in the back of my mind nagging me for the past couple of weeks. I hoped I could just keep it buried there amongst forgotten To-Do Lists, knowledge only suitable for trivia games, and abandoned dreams, but it keeps… Continue Reading “Word of the Year: Explore”

20 Things I’m Really Doing During Social Media Hiatuses

I recently wrote a post about Silencing the Internal Pressure to Be the Blogger I’m Not, and that wasn’t even the article I set out to write that day. I planned to sit down and write this slightly self-deprecating list of all of the… Continue Reading “20 Things I’m Really Doing During Social Media Hiatuses”

Silencing the Internal Pressure to be the Blogger I’m Not

Blogging has been my hobby for two decades now. I mean that quite literally. And during these past twenty years, blogging evolved from inane ramblings on personal websites built on Geocities to polished content creation with the unstated intent to sell something to the… Continue Reading “Silencing the Internal Pressure to be the Blogger I’m Not”

Five December Favorites

I know we are three days into the New Year already, but you know how it is with these wrap-up posts… I like to take a minute (or more realistically an hour that gets edited down to about 12 minutes) and reflect on the… Continue Reading “Five December Favorites”

The Obligatory New Year’s Resolution Post!

I have read countless articles about goal setting, and most of them indicate telling friends and family about the goals we set helps to keep us accountable in actually achieving said goals. So today, dear reader, you are my friends and family! (Although, if… Continue Reading “The Obligatory New Year’s Resolution Post!”

2019 in Review

Right about now, my Twitter feed is filling up with snarky tweets that #SumsUp2019. Was this year really so bad, or is it easy for people to focus on the things that didn’t go right at the year’s end? This year wasn’t always easy… Continue Reading “2019 in Review”

By Golly, I’m a Dot Com!

If you have been a loyal reader of mine (ie. my family), you may have noticed my blog experienced an identity crisis this past year. After taking an unplanned, year-long hiatus, I reemerged shortly after the birth of my son as The Oversteeper. I… Continue Reading “By Golly, I’m a Dot Com!”

Family Fun: Slate Run Living Historical Farm

I used to live in Ohio (the Columbus metropolitan area), but that was twenty years ago, and it was much quieter back then. Now, the population seems to have exploded, and driving down to visit family usually means I’m white-knuckling it through congested traffic… Continue Reading “Family Fun: Slate Run Living Historical Farm”

Video Diary: An October Park Day

October Park Day

Autumn has slinked in. My season is finally here. I have already dragged out the oversize sweaters, the fuzzy socks, and the snuggly throw blankets. I have been burning spiced pumpkin and sugar cookie candles non-stop. And of course, my tea consumption has drastically… Continue Reading “Video Diary: An October Park Day”