Blooming Tea on an Almost-Spring Day

One of my unofficial New Year’s Resolutions was to enjoy at least one cup of tea outdoors each day. So far, I’ve neglected this practice, but in my defense, I always forget how bitter cold February can be in Michigan. I’m not sure any amount of cabin fever can drive me outdoors in ten-degree weather just for a ten-minute cup of tea. But, March is here now. The sun is shining, the snow is melting, the ground is thawing, and warmer temperatures are finally luring me outdoors again. As springtime creeps in again, I find myself reaching for blooming teas, and most recently I enjoyed the Black Gold Blooming Tea from California Tea House.

Armed with a glass teapot, a kettle, a cup and saucer, and a ball of Black Gold (a blend of Monkey Paw black tea, marigold, and jasmine), I retreated outdoors to enjoy a quiet moment before the rest of the neighborhood woke up. Normally, I am distracted when preparing tea, but blooming teas command attention. After submerging the bloom in boiling water, I watched the tea steep for several minutes. Swirling among hot water and steam, black and occasionally golden-tipped tea leaves opened revealing a bouquet of marigold and jasmine.

The tea was malty but smooth with a subtle floral aroma that did quite register as jasmine. I would have been relieved by this months ago when I first placed the order because I did not care for jasmine. However, I have had several positive experiences with the ingredient since, and I’m developing a fondness for it. In defense of the tea though, I may have used more water than I usually would for a blooming tea. Still, the Black Gold was a treat enjoyed while soaking in birdsong and golden sunshine stretching across grass. It was the exact kind of mindful moment to mark the end of a busy work week and the beginning of what would turn into a much-needed, relaxing weekend.

Have you tried a blooming tea before? Tell me about your favorites in the comments!

About California Tea House: California Tea House is a small, family-owned tea shop that sells loose leaf, single-estate teas along with handcrafted, small-batch dessert blends. To explore their collection, head over to

Disclosure: This tea was provided for free in exchange for a review. Thoughts are ever my own.

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