By Golly, I’m a Dot Com!

If you have been a loyal reader of mine (ie. my family), you may have noticed my blog experienced an identity crisis this past year. After taking an unplanned, year-long hiatus, I reemerged shortly after the birth of my son as The Oversteeper. I even wrote a blog post discussing the change. But, no matter how many times I said it or typed it, the name felt strange, so I silently abandoned it. I deleted the post and hoped everyone would forget it ever existed. Then, I shifted unannounced to a self-titled blog (as in, my header just read “Jackie Allen” or “Jackie Allen – I Drink Tea”). And then just as quickly, I reverted to trusty, old Books & Tea. Even though Books & Tea felt familiar and comfortable, I still felt out of place in my own space.

Books & Tea was created back in 2011, shortly after I graduated from college. It started as a project to rekindle my love of reading after binge-reading college textbooks for nearly five years. It was also a way for me to chronicle my newly embarked tea-drinking journey. And of course, it was a much needed creative outlet and a way to connect with other people despite the ether between us. However, with the new year approaching, I couldn’t help think about the future of Books & Tea. Let’s face it– I haven’t been reading much aside from picture books. Actually, Goodreads so graciously reminded me of this a few days ago. I received an e-mail congratulating me on reading two books this year! One was the Truth About Forever by Sarah Dessen, which I reviewed. The other was Westside: a Novel by W.M. Akers, which I enjoyed but couldn’t find the words (or couldn’t be bothered to find the words) to write about it.

I did write about and film a fair amount of videos about tea this year though. And, while I enjoyed that, I also felt limited– stifled in what I felt I could create on my blog. The more I thought about it, I realized that Books & Tea had become part of my past, and maybe it’s about time I leave it there. Who I was when I launched Book & Tea nearly ten years ago, grew into someone radically different (thank goodness!).

So, I introduce to you, By Golly, Ollie! A personal (and/or lifestyle) blog created by a work at home mom reflecting on motherhood, self-care, and personal rediscovery one cup of tea at a time. Oh, and also books. But, probably mostly picture books.

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Yep! That’s right! On top of the name change, I upgrade to a dot com. Can I admit I’m nervous about this change? Outside of purchasing tea or books, I have never actually invested in my blog before. I never thought it was worth investing in even though blogging has been a part of my life for nearly two decades. There is a part of me that is worried though. I have a history of being a flaky blogger, so sometimes I worry I may have wasted money! But, I felt it was necessary to commit to this change. And to my blog. And to my writing and creative endeavors! But also, it will be harder to secretly revert to Books & Tea again.