Formosa Fancy Bai Hao Tea from Masters Teas

Formosa Fancy Bai Hao from Masters Teas

It feels that lately, I have been drinking a bunch of mediocre tea. The kind of mediocrity (mediocriTEA?) that has me continually reaching for the same bag of tea in hopes of either having an “A-Ha! Moment” with it or just getting it out of my collection faster so I can move on to better teas. Better teas like Formosa Fancy Bai Hao from Masters Teas.


In place of a gaiwan, which I imagine is this teas preferred brewing vessel, I used my tea tasting set from Adagio Teas. I steeped 1.5 teaspoons of tea in about 3 oz. of 212-degree water. (Typically oolongs are steeped in cooler water, but the Masters Teas website suggested 212-degree water). My first infusion was 30 seconds, and I added 20 seconds to the following two infusions. Each time yielded a honey yellow liquor.

What is a tea you sipped recently that left you feeling impressed?

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