I Am Going to Read Every Book in the YA Section of My Library.

In March, I had an absurd idea. I decided I should attempt to read every book available in the young adult section of my local library from A to Z. That is to say, I intend to read the books in the order they appear on the shelf from Sign Language by Amy Ackley to I Am the Messenger by Mark Zusak . The rules are simple:

  1. Read the books in the order they are shelved until I run out of books to read.
  2. To combat series fatigue, I can alternate between reading a book at the front of the stack and a book at the end of the stack. Essentially, I would be working my way to the middle of the YA section (I guess that’s not really Ackley to Zusak, is it?).
  3. This challenge will of course be punctuated by my usual cozy mysteries and the odds and ends I find in the”grown up” section such as Night Film by Marisha Pessl or Demi-Monde: Winter by Rod Rees (featured above) because I need variety in my bookish life.
  4. I am not required to read a novel I have already read.
  5. Abandoning awful books is permitted after making a real effort to read the novel. “Real effort” to be defined later. Probably once I hit Cassandra Clare or John Green novels. #unpopularopinion #sorrynotsorry

I have no idea if completing this is probable considering I’m such a slow and distracted reader. Also, I’ve never actually lived in the same place longer than three years…

But, this is it. This is me declaring that I am going to read every book in the YA section of my local library.