Happy Birthday Tea and a Belated Birthday to Me!

Life lately has been a bit of a blur. All summers tend to be since its busy season at work. Most days, I just want to come home and spend as little mental energy as possible, which means I’ve been avoiding reading and blogging in favor of binge watching Parks & Recreation or starting on a second play through of all the Dragon Age video games. But, I thought I would at least check in to let you know I’m still alive and also one year older.

On the 25th of July, I celebrated my 28th birthday– a rather benign age, don’t you think? It lacks the excitement of turning 21 and the anxiety of turning 30. Although, I must confess, I look forward to my thirties. To be frank, I hope it will be a decade marked by motherhood, a desire that was fueled into hyper-drive after eagerly awaiting the arrival of two newborn nephews, born a day apart, during my birthday weekend. What luck!

What is also lucky is a sudden urge to buy tea from Adagio a few weekends ago. I could resist the temptation to taste the literary teas blended by Alison’s Wonderland Recipes no longer. I eagerly added these teas to my cart: Princess Sara’s India Chai Tea (inspired by the Little Princess), Miss Mary’s Garden Tea (inspired by the Secret Garden), Hundred Acre Blend (inspired by Winnie the Pooh), and Science Blues (inspired by Star Trek the Next Generation, which obviously isn’t literature, but I love Star Trek *raises hand in the Vulcan Salute*). You can check out the other blends here.

Adagio also added an extra special surprise to my order, which was a sample of their Birthday Tea. The Birthday Tea is a blend of black tea, natural vanilla flavor, candy sprinkles, natural cream flavor, and natural caramel flavor.

Birthday Tea

The dried tea smells like vanilla frosting, which was irresistible, and the brightly colored sprinkles scattered throughout brought a smile to my face. I thought said sprinkles would add sweetness to the tea, but they did not. They are there to add a little novelty, which was satisfying nonetheless.

I recommend adding your preferred sweetener to Adagio’s Birthday Tea (white sugar in my case because that it was I had on hand) to transform it into a delicious dessert tea. It’s warm, creamy, vanilla-y, and sweet, and it made me forget that I didn’t even bake myself a birthday cake this year.

What is your favorite birthday treat?