Celebrate the Moms in Your Life with Tea Crystals!

Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and if you’re anything like me you’re probably wracking your brain over what to buy her now, when you still haven’t even sent her Christmas present OR her birthday present, though it’s been sitting on your dresser forever. Might I offer a suggestion? How about Pique Tea’s Mother’s Day Box?

For $29, the Mother’s Day Box includes:

  • 2 variety pack cartons of Tea Crystals (which includes their Sencha, Mint Sencha, Jasmine, English Breakfast, and Earl Grey teas)
  • a double walled glass
  • 3 Poco Dolce Chocolates
  • a #1 Mom pin

You don’t even have to go to the post office, so hurry! Go here and send one to your mom!

Now, I realize that my mother is already contemplating writing me out of her will any day now on account of I’m stockpiling her presents in my closet, so I’m hoping to buy a little time by momentarily appealing to her ego…

These are some things my mother and I have in common:

  • We are accountants (actually, I’m technically a bookkeeper, but everyone at work calls me “the accountant” when introducing me to new hires, so I’ll take it). Regardless, this was totally unintentional, and I tried my hardest not to become anything finance-related, which is why I stupidly majored in English and Japanese and General Business. But alas…here I am wishing I had a degree in Accounting, like my mom, so I didn’t have to be the poor soul making collection calls anymore.
  • We both love books, although she’s a fan of political thrillers by authors like Vince Flynn, Daniel Silva, and Tom Clancy, and I prefer my thrillers to be of the supernatural variety.
  • We both love tea! Although, she is a creature of habit, who always has a box of Lipton tea bags stashed in her cupboard, and my inclination towards curiosity means I tend to explore brands and flavors and types of tea that are new to me.

However, my interest in tea has humble beginnings, and some of my first tastes of the drink was instant iced tea.

Mind you, I was eight and very impressionable when it came to tea. I just knew my mother always had a big glass that seemed to be filled more with ice than tea, she would sip on it from sun up to sun down, and I totally wanted to do the same. My glass of tea didn’t have as much ice in it, and I think it was equal parts tea and sugar. There was also a fair amount of instant tea sludge that would linger on the bottom of my glass because it didn’t mix well with cold water, and I was too impatient to run the tap until it got hot enough. I should also make a slight digression here to state that, in hind-sight, my parents are totally crazy for letting me consume as much caffeine as I did at a young age. I was drinking black tea at the age of eight, and then my father introduced me to the Starbuck’s Mocha Frappucino by the time I was ten. Honestly, is it any wonder that I had so many headaches in my youth? Did either of them stop to wonder if maybe…just maybe I was experiencing caffeine withdrawal during the school days when I was confined to such trivial beverages like bagged chocolate milk at lunch time? Alas…

While in recent years, I have stuck my nose up at instant teas, I have to admit, these tea crystals have piqued my interest. This brand offers 100% organic, loose leaf grade tea that has already been brewed (which takes the guess-work out of it for you), and crystallizes it. All caffeine content and antioxidant levels of the tea remain, and the tea is free of artificial flavors and preservatives.

I recently received four samples to taste and review, which included: Earl Grey, English Breakfast, Mint Sencha, and Sencha Green tea. Of the samples, I had two instant favorites– Mint Sencha and English Breakfast. The mint definitely takes center stage in the Mint Sencha, which is why I’m so partial to it (mint tea is one of my favorite types of tea!). But if you’re seeking that green tea flavor, you may prefer just the Sencha Green tea instead. As for English Breakfast…it seems like a safe selection, but if you’ve ever accidentally lost track of time in the morning and over-steeped your English Breakfast tea bag, you will appreciate that Pique has done the steeping for you. And while I can see adding Pique English Breakfast tea crystals to my morning routine, I can also see myself lounging on the balcony during summer weekend afternoons, while reading books and sipping a glass of iced English Breakfast. Iced tea is not a luxury I often afford myself because it is time-consuming, and as it turns out, I can’t fit pitchers in my refrigerator anyway. Pique tea crystals are a perfect remedy to this, since they are instant single servings.

The little packet of Pique tea crystals dissolve instantly in hot or cold (yes! cold!) water. I even held my glass up to the light and saw nary the instant tea residue that can be found in that other stuff. Unfortunately for me, Pique tea crystals are too convenient because in the span of an hour, I consumed all four sample packets that were sent to me, and yes they have medium to high levels of caffeine. Luckily, I’ve apparently been fiending for caffeine since I was eight, so I could totally drink more before the heart palpitations set in.

I am happy to say, times have changed for instant tea. No longer do you have to wait until the tap runs hot enough or even boil water on the stove. No longer do you have to tip the remaining quarter of your tea into the sink and watch undissolved leaves and sludgy instant crumbles slide out of your glass. Pique Tea is the answer to the cries of impatient people everywhere, and exceeds the expectations you didn’t realize you had for instant tea, so be sure to check out the Pique tea collection.