Life Lately: a Very Productive Weekend

I used to be a person who was opposed to taking time off. Part of me was afraid that management would think I was a slacker for taking a mental health day. Or breaks in general. I was the employee who would literally work 9 hours straight. No fifteen minute rests in the morning or afternoon. No lunch breaks. Part of me was afraid that I would waste paid time off on a vacation on the off-chance I might get really sick and need that PTO. Luckily, my employer provides flu shots free of charge each Autumn, and I always take advantage of the perk. I’ve had two blitzkrieg illnesses since I started working for my current employer, and when I say “blitzkrieg illnesses”, I mean I become violently ill for 24 hours, but I’m back to work the next day feeling better than ever (albeit a little hungrier than usual). But for the past two months, work has been dreadfully slow. And, while I find that I’m incredibly bored, I also find that I’m just feeling unmotivated and really worn out. So, I put in a time off request, and I don’t think I could have planned for a better weekend. Usually, my three-day weekends are a total waste. I usually lounge around in pajamas all day and play video games for more hours than I care to admit. But that was not this weekend. Maybe it was the weather that made me feel so motivated because goodness knows it was pretty much perfect. But, this was perhaps the most productive weekend ever, and somehow it feels…refreshing.

Who even has time to sleep in during vacation?

It strikes me as odd that I wake up earlier on my days off than I do on days I have work. But, I took advantage of the extra hour by finally doing my taxes (just in the nick of time) and starting Spring Cleaning. I hate cleaning, so I’ve created a reward system to keep myself motivated throughout this process. For each section of the apartment that I tackle, I get a prize. The easier the room, the smaller the prize. For example, I cleaned up Fargo’s cat lair (which is really just a pantry that he gets to use as a romp room), so I rewarded myself with this new, Harry Potter travel mug. It’s a Tervis!

Harry Potter Travel MuchThe grand prize is some patio furniture, so I can read outside on my balcony. That is reserved for when I tackle the bedroom. Even though we’ve lived here for over a year, we never actually “moved in” to the bed room. I still pluck clothes out of suitcases in the morning. And, because Jon and Fargo and I are the only ones allowed in there, I never bothered to organize it. Needless to say, it’s the most chaotic room in the house, so I really need something like patio furniture to motivate me to organize it.

I’m scheduling my blog posts

In twenty-four hours, I’ve written and scheduled four blog posts, and I’ve created a to-do list with several more awesome ideas (thanks Asana!). I don’t think I’ve ever experienced this kind of blogging productivity in my entire blogging “career”. Do you know how many times I’ve visited the WordPress Themes page this weekend? Too many to count! But, I’ve forced myself to write instead of engaging in faux-productivity.


Lemon Soleil Tea and SoullessI started reading Soulless by Gail Carriger a few days ago, and I’m in love with it so far. I wouldn’t consider myself a fan of stories about vampires and werewolves at all, but Carriger’s world is so unique and her voice is so clever, that I’m finding myself in love with her supernatural lore.

Homemade Freaking Granola Bars!!!

La Peligrosas Granola Bars 2I don’t really have anything to add here that wasn’t already addressed in my post, Granola Bars for La Peligrosa, but I made homemade freaking granola bars. How awesome!

How have you been lately, dear reader? Have you started that pesky Spring Cleaning? Have you cooked anything amazing lately? What are you currently reading?

7 Comments on “Life Lately: a Very Productive Weekend

  1. That’s great you had such a perfect weekend! And I think it’s okay to take time off now and then. I don’t think we have mental health days here, but it sounds nice. I just submitted my taxes this morning, it’s always a bit of a pain. I also dislike cleaning, except for the kitchen, that has to be spotless, especially the counter. I like your idea of a reward system and that HP mug looks awesome!
    Wow 4 posts scheduled on one day, that’s amazing! I always schedule my posts ahead, it makes me feel less stressed. Although I don’t often manage to do as many post in one day. I read Soulless a few years ago, I can’t remember much about it, but I think I enjoyed it, but never continued the series. Oh those homemade granola bars sounds great! I really sounds like you had a great weekend!


  2. I love how proud you are of your granola bars! And you totally should be, there’s no way in hell I could make them haha! I’m glad you had such a productive weekend! I love when I feel like I’ve got a lot done on my days off! And isn’t actually haven’t posts ready to go such a rewarding feeling!!! I used to be so good! Like, two weeks in the future good but now I’m like day of/ night before haha! I shall get back to it eventually!


  3. Oof, spring cleaning? That’s a thing I should be doing now too I guess. Alas, I’m completely putting it off. And I can totally relate with you about waking up earlier on days I actually have off. My boyfriend thinks I’m crazy, but I like having some early morning time to myself to not have to worry about anything or getting to work on time. Also, glad to hear you’re enjoying Soulless! I’ve definitely had it on my to-read list for years now but completely forgot about it. I’ll have to pick it up as soon as I finish Seraphina! And total side note, but your kitty is so cute and looks exactly like one I know and love very much. Is he a blue Russian?


  4. I love the idea of little rewards for cleaning! I just hate cleaning the kitchen, but I like a clean kitchen. I guess that has always been the reward, but it gets so messy again so fast. I like the idea of a different longer lasting kind of reward!


    • The kitchen tends the be one of the most frequently cleaned room in the house, but it’s also pretty unorganized. I thought it might be time to give it a Spring Cleaning when some tupperware tumbled on to me after opening a cupboard door!


  5. Wow, that was one hell of a productive weekend. I’ve read Soulless and I liked it, but I never continued the series. I hope you enjoyed the rest of it. And I didn’t even know you could make homemade granola bars haha.


    • That’s typically how it goes for me. I discover book one in a series, enjoy it immensely or well-enough….and then I never remember to pick up the rest of the books in the series. I lack a lot of closure in my life…HA!


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