An Exercise in Positive Thinking

This has been a troublesome week, if only because it had days of the week that ended in “Y”– one of them being a Thursday, which has been a notoriously unlucky day of the week for myself since high school. Usually, I am of the mindset that you make your own luck. But, after two months of unrequited sleep, three unfruitful collection calls, and accidentally punching over my mug of water, which ended up saturating bills that would eventually be sent over to the corporate CFO for approval, I become a victim of superstition. Also, in a fit of insecurity, the day ended in tears, so it became crucial that I take a step back and seek out the positive aspects of the week.

plant nannyPlant Nanny. I recently downloaded an app to my iPhone called Plant Nanny, which gamifies the act of drinking water. In the past, I would switch to a cola after drinking my 16 oz. of black coffee, but not any more. The goal now is to drink 80 oz. of water throughout the day, which suddenly becomes fun when I have a little pixellated plant to think of. I’m currently only one week strong, but I have a fully grown dandelion, named Leo, sitting my pixellated garden to show for it, and I’m currently working on a Devil’s Ivy, named “Devil’s Snare”.

Mondays. Which is an odd choice, since it too is a day that ends in “Y”. But, of all the work days, I hate Monday the least because I’m usually so busy that the day flies by. I should also add This Friday, which is usually another excruciating day because it’s incredibly slow; however, I managed to balance petty cash for the month and reconcile the credit card, which are both pretty monumental tasks.

Jon’s Promotion! He’s been striving to achieve a team lead position at work for about a year, and his hard work has finally paid off. He found out on Wednesday that he is being promoted to Team Lead, and I am so proud of him.

Ooooh Darjeeling by Adagio Teas…is finally in stock! A few years ago, my dad sent me a package of Ooooh Darjeeling tea for ooooh_darjeelingChristmas…after I told him that Oolong Tea wasn’t my favorite type of tea. Little did we know that Adagio’s Ooooh Darjeeling would change my perception of Oolong tea forever, and it quickly became one of my favorite teas ever. Unfortunately, it’s such a popular item that it’s never in stock when I buy tea from Adagio. However, the stars aligned this week, and there it was. In stock. Needless to say, I didn’t even think twice, and I immediately purchased a 1.5 oz. bag of the treasure.

What are the best things that happened to you this week?