These Fandoms are Just My Cup of Tea

Doctor Who Tea

Hello again Love-A-Thon-ers! I would hope by now you already know I love books, but did you know that I also love getting swept up in stories found beyond the pages of a book as well? I’m talking video games and television shows! I’ve compiled a post of mugs featuring some of my favorite fandoms once before (Harry Potter, Doctor Who, and Supernatural), but that barely scratched the surface. Here are a few more series that are just my cup of tea.

For the Gamer in me

[Borderlands mug | N7 Mug | Fallout Mug | Skyrim Mug | Dragon Age Fandom Tea]

Much to my mother’s dismay, I’m a total video game nerd. She only has herself to blame though because she’s the one who brought the SNES and the Playstation 1 into the house. First it was Super Mario, then it was Spyro the Dragon, and then it was a downward spiral once my friends introduced me to Final Fantasy VIII. I had no idea it was possible to log over 80 hours of game play in just one game, and I was playing conservatively. These days, I’m binge-playing a renegade Jane Shepard in Mass Effect, but I’m also a sucker for Borderlands, the Fallout series, the Elder Scroll series, and the Dragon Age series.

For the Sci-Fi Nerd in me

[ Eureka Mug | Star Trek Mug | Farscape Mug | X-Files Mug | Doctor Who Fandom Tea ]

So, here’s the thing– I don’t actually read science fiction very often, but golly, I am a total sucker for science fiction TV shows (not movies). My absolutely favorite is the TV show Eureka, which used to air on Syfy a few years ago. I was so in love with it, that I actually went out and started buying seasons of it on DVD. I never spend my money on DVDs, but that’s how much I love this series. Currently, I’m rewarding myself with episodes of Star Trek: the Next Generation if I drag myself out of bed by 6:00 in the morning (I’m notorious for waking up ten minutes before I have to leave for work).

Also, I definitely recommend Tardis Tea. It’s a fandom tea blended by Aun-Juli Riddle and available at Adagio Teas. I used it in my Earl Grey Pots de Creme for a Thanksgiving dessert a few years ago, and it was a hit!

Outside of books, what are some of your hobbies or interests?

13 Comments on “These Fandoms are Just My Cup of Tea

  1. I love video games and sci-fi and the Frank Miller Batman trade you’re reading in your photo! *adds to feedly!*


  2. I WANT THAT TEA SET! Doctor Who is a fairly new obsession for me (I started watching around September in 2015, and just caught up this month), but I’m so invested in it. I really love the adventures, love the characters and can’t wait for more. Who’s your favorite Doctor?


    • I was first introduced to Doctor Who during the Eleventh Doctor (Matt Smith), so he’s my favorite Doctor. Then I ended up going back to the beginning of the Ninth doctor and binge watching the series. I’ve actually been quite a poor Doctor Who fan lately. I think I only watched a few episodes with Peter Capaldi because I wasn’t a big fan of the dynamic between he and Clara. I should probably get around to watching the rest of that season soon since I hear we’re getting another new Doctor soonish.

      Who is your favorite Doctor?


  3. I am totally the same with sci-fi! I loved XF during my teenage years, Doctor Who in college, and I’m binge-watching Farscape on Netflix right now. But sci-fi in books just doesn’t do it for me. I enjoyed one YA sci-fi trilogy (and I haven’t actually read the third book, so I can’t even officially say that, LOL), but that’s really it. It’s the weirdest thing, but at least I know I’m not alone! Haha.


  4. I LOVE Dragon Age and Skyrim. I’ve played a little bit of Borderlands, but didn’t finish. (I really should go back to playing it!) I am almost finished with Dragon Age Inquisition and I think the next game I want to play is Mass Effect. Are you enjoying it? I have heard great things about it!
    Sadly, I haven’t really watched any of the TV shows. I have seen a couple episodes of Doctor Who, I really need to watch it. I’ve also seen a couple from X-Files season 1.
    I love your post!


    • Mass Effect is an excellent series, and I absolutely recommend it! The characters and their stories are so wonderful (not unlike Dragon Age).


  5. I love books, but also video games and recently also started enjoying tv shows and movies more. I also played some of Final Fantasy games, I think FF13 is my favourite one so far and I love Kingdom Hearts too. I play less games on my playstation and more on my pc now. I own Skyrim, although I haven’t played too much so far.
    Star Wars and the book Removed basically introduced me to the sci-fi genre and now I love to watch and read it. I am a big Star Wars fan and my boyfriend and I are slowly making our way through Star Trek, we already watched Voyager and are now watching Deep Space 9. The Next Generation is next probably ;).
    Beside that I also love to walk, do jigsaw puzzles and colouring, although I don’t make as much time for those as for reading, gaming and watching tv shows.


    • Oh gosh! I love the Kingdom Hearts games. It’s been forever since I played them though. Sadly, I think they got lost in my last move 😦 Skyrim is also an excellent game. I love Elder Scrolls games!


  6. Ooh, I love sci-fi! Although I wouldn’t call myself a hardcore sci-fi nerd or anything. XD I just do enjoy the new Star Trek movies and I adore YA sci-fi books. OMG THERE IS TARDIS TEA?!? That’s hilarious and wonderful. XD

    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!


    • I want to give the Nightvale teas a try. Every time I see them, I realize that I need to listen to more of Welcome to Nightvale (I think I’m maybe 10 episodes in. It’s sad, I know. But, if I’m a distracted reader, I’m an even more distracted listener). Did you know they released a Welcome to Nightvale book? (I want that too but feel obligated to listen to more of the podcast before getting it.)


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