These Monsters are Just My Cup of Tea

I’ve spent a month reading and writing about books full of spooks– phantoms, zombies, and vampires, oh my! My favorite by far are stories about zombies, although I aside from Shakespeare Undead by Lori Handleland, I didn’t read any zombie stories. There is just something so satisfying about a story where people are trying to survive the end of humanity… I’ll probably have to snag a few more before the end of the year. Of course, I had to bring you one more Just My Cup of Tea post before Halloween.

What supernatural monster is your favorite?

8 Comments on “These Monsters are Just My Cup of Tea

  1. These mugs are so cute! I am not a fan of zombies, I think they are creepy. I think my favourite monster are shapeshifters, but I also like mermaids/ siren and vampires.


  2. Awweeee! I’m not really a fan of monsters or Halloween or any kind of scary stuff, but these are so cute, even I wouldn’t be able to resist them! Especially the cat (because duh) ^_^


  3. I like supernatural literature, but I’m not good with the creepy stuff. 😀 I’m on board with the cups though! Hmmm my favorite supernatural monster… I can’t decide!


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