A Stack of Spooky Books

I may have been a bit over-eager during this week’s library visit, especially since last time I only read three of the six books I checked out. I felt guilty returning some of the books unread. I decided to call it quits on a cozy mystery novel called Bran New Death (Merry Muffin Mystery #1) by Victoria Hamilton because I kept getting stuck, stuck, stuck. I think after nearly three weeks, I only made it to page 70. I loved the character’s voice, which was quite sassy and fun, but the pacing was too slow. I also returned New York by Edward Rutherford, which I’m actually really disappointed about. The idea of the story still piques my interest; it’s a historical fiction novel that spans from New York’s beginnings in the 1600s to the attacks on the World Trade Center in 2001.  But, I knew the first half of the book was going to drag and be utterly treacherous for me because I have very little interest in Colonial America. I may scope out some of Rutherford’s other books, especially London. From what I can tell, tomes spanning centuries of a city’s lifetime seems to be his niche.  In the end, I only kept Kissing in America by Margo Rabb, which I binge read later that afternoon.

And now, here I am with seven new books sitting patiently on my kitchen table, waiting to be read. If you haven’t noticed, there is a bit of a theme going with (most of) the books I checked out this week. October is right around the corner, so I made sure to pick out a bunch of spooky books.

Do you have any favorite spooky books?

7 Comments on “A Stack of Spooky Books

  1. I just recently found out that Joe Hill is Stephen King’s son. I was floored! Anyway, I’ve had NOS4A2 in my pile for a year or so now, but still haven’t been able to squeeze it in. I’ll be on the lookout for your review.

    Happy reading!


  2. I don’t read NEARLY enough creepy books although I do really like them! I plan to read Tithe by Holly Black soon and that’s supposed to be kinda creepy, right?! We don’t really do Halloween in Australia though, so the “creepy month” is basically lost to me. hehe
    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!


  3. I borrowed New York from my library three months ago and haven’t got past page 13! I don’t know why, I have read tonnes of other books in the meantime. I refuse to return it until I have ploughed on through it because, as you said, my interest has been piqued. I just somehow really can’t get into it! The only spooky books I know of are those by Edgar Allan Poe, and so good luck with your spooky reading, I hope you post some spooky reviews soon!


    • I was a little reluctant to give up New York, but in the end I just knew I wasn’t going to read very much in to it, at least not right now. I might try to read it again when it gets a little cooler out– prime reading weather!

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  4. Yeah, pacing can really ruin a book for me too. Especially since I have little patience, haha. I do like to read creepy books but find it kind of hard to find some, the trend never seems to come around in YA, which is a shame because I think that would be awesome.


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