Wandering Through Ireland

Cliff of Moher, Ireland
Cliff of Moher, Ireland
Cliff oh Moher by Giuseppe Milo

I’ve romanticized Ireland the way others have romanticized France or Italy. I blame it on my freshman year of college. On one uneventful evening, I found myself stuffed up in a tiny dorm room alone and with a heart filled with wanderlust. I began looking up the cost of plane tickets to any country on my bucket list. Ireland happened to be the cheapest ($500 at the time), so in that moment I decided Ireland would be the first place I would cross off my bucket list.

I spent the rest of the school year researching Ireland– well, looking at pictures mostly, of rolling green hills speckled with fluffy, white sheep, ocean waves crashing against steep cliffs, quaint colorful houses, stone bridges over rambling creeks, and delapetated castles that hold so much history. It just seemed like a world out of a fantasy novel or a fairytale, and I wanted to see it for myself instead of through other people’s flickr accounts.

But, I never ended up going, so I’m still living vicariously through other people’s flickr accounts…and Jessie Ann Foley’s Carnival at the Bray, an incredibly heart breaking story so far, and it just happens to take place in Ireland.

Sometimes, I grow afraid that I will never get there. To Ireland, I mean. Part of me feels I will have plenty of time to get there; I’m only 27 after all. But, part of me also realizes that the time of my life when I only live for myself is coming to a close. Things like marriage and having children just seem like they’re right around the corner, and then how does one afford an adventure overseas?

…Plus, who would feed my cat?

Where do you dream of visiting, and why do you want to go there?


20 Comments on “Wandering Through Ireland

  1. You should definitely take time and go! My mom and I are actually thinking of going together next year. Exploring Europe is definitely on my bucket list and we’re thinking of starting in Ireland too. At first, we were thinking of doing a whole UK trip, but that maybe too much at once for one week (limited vacation). I want to do as much traveling as I can before starting a family because once you have kids, vacations like that are hard/impossible.

    Maybe have a friend/family member come feed the cat? Or maybe buy one of those electronic scheduled pet feeders?


  2. Aww this is such a mournful post! I’m sure you’ll get to Ireland one day and it will be everything you imagined – and better because the Irish have the most adorable accent IN THE WORLD.
    I only visited Dublin and I wanted to adopt the first man I asked for directions on the street – he was so nice and I just wanted to stand there for a while, listening to him talk… Oh, well. But yes, even Dublin was beautiful and I went for a day trip to see the cliffs near the city and it was amazing (heather and gorse were in bloom and the sky was sunny but cloudy and I loved it). I have a trip to Ireland on my bucket list and I want to tour all the little villages, see the sheep and all (Have you seen Leap Year, the movie? That’s my romanticized version of Ireland!). 🙂


    • Yes, I have seen Leap Year! I normally don’t want romantic comedies, but it took place in Ireland, so I couldn’t resist it. It was such an adorable movie 😀


  3. Ireland is one of those places I would love to visit once, just like Norways. I also would love to visit the US or asia, but I know I will never get there, as I am afraid of airplanes. So I try to focus on countries that are close by. I also woudl love to visit germany and scotland again, I visited both countries already, but they are such beautifull countries and I just would love to visit again.
    I always like to believe that where there is a will there’s a way and if you really want to go to Ireland you can also do that with a husband and kids. I hope you get to visit Ireland eventually!


  4. I have also romanticised Ireland above all else. There’s also Scotland and New Zealand which look so beautiful, but I think I’ve lost my heart to Ireland, even though I’ve only been to Dublin for a few days. I can’t wait to go back and see the countryside, hear that wonderful accent, and just.. *blissfull sigh* Yes. So much yes.


  5. Same here, I’d love to see Ireland someday. My hubby and I didn’t take a honeymoon after we got married last year, but we’re planning on either Ireland or Japan<3


    • Japan would be so, so amazing! I studying Japanese language in college, but I never made it to the country, so Japan is also at the tippy top of my bucket list.


  6. …I’ve been there but because I was head over heels for a boy and I followed him all the way back there. I stayed there until my visa was about to expire and then had to book it home. Of course it didn’t workout but it was an amazing time none the less.

    But please trust me! You can still afford to travel even with little ones! I have a little guy now and we are planning a trip to Japan, The Big Island, Maui, Singapore and Hong Kong. Not sure if all of those are going to work out but we are going to try none the less before we leave Hawaii for good.

    We have travelled as a family to Victoria B.C. Alaska, Seattle, Atlanta, and California. So it is doable although at times you will begin to question your sanity.

    But travel, travel now!

    Travel later.

    Just travel!

    Don’t regret it later. Yes, you are still young but if your heart tells you go, then go! Do it! Ireland is so beautiful even in the winter time, when I was there. It is still so lush and green and beautiful and the Irish are generally pretty kind people!

    Novel done!


    • Oh my goooosh! That seems so romantic.

      This comment makes me totally pumped to wander the world. I could totally do Ireland in the wintertime. It would be cheaper because it’s off-season right? Plus, I live in Michigan, so I’m pretty certain I could handle an Irish winter…!


      • I would say the weather would be pretty close to Michigan. But no snow at all unless you go up north to like Dublin or Belfast.

        Go Jackie! Go! You won’t regret it! 🙂


  7. That is my #1 place to visit. So beautiful. We will get there one day!


  8. I hope you go some day! This post was kind of sad because I thought it was going to turn into a recap of your trip, but then it didn’t!

    I find the best kind of trip are the ones that you don’t even plan. You just wake up one day and say I’M GOING TO DO THIS and then just go.

    I’m actually heading to Ireland in November. Only for a day or two, as it’ll be on our way to somewhere else, but at least I’ll have time to look around a little bit.

    But I’ve had a few quickie trips lately and they’ve been awesome.

    I did a quickie Edinburgh / Lisbon trip in February. My husband and I are headed to Hawaii for only two days at the end of this month. My mom had a trip to Paris booked and was casually like, “You should come,” and I was like, “okay!” without any thought or planning whatsoever. So now I’m going to Paris for a few days in September (not my first time).

    Sometimes it’s easier to not even think about the logistics or the planning and just dive right in.


    • I think that sounds like a pretty good idea too– just jumping right in. I have a tendency to get overwhelmed by the monetary cost of things, but I keep forgetting that vacations or crucial to a healthy mind and spirit (and I am in definite need of one) and it would be an experience of a lifetime!


  9. I’m Irish and I love it here! I think when travel is important to you, you’ll find ways to make it happen. Yes they are expensive but the memories are priceless and I’ve often put money into travel when a more sensible person would have spent it on other necessities. But I have no regrets, I love exploring and appreciate all the places I’ve been to.
    Hope you make it here someday. And you can always bring the hubby and kids if it comes to that!


  10. Ireland is high up on my list of places I’d like to visit. I’m half Irish by ancestry, and there’s something about it that calls to me. I don’t have kids yet, but I am married—my husband’s job might take him to Ireland one day, and I’m totally going along when/if it does.

    My mom never really traveled earlier in life, but after I moved out (and she got a divorce), she’s traveled every year. She’s in her 60s and goes on tours, completely by herself. She loves it! So, it’s never too late. 🙂


    • Ah that’s so cool! I’ll cross my fingers for your that the husband’s job takes him to Ireland. What an adventure that would be!

      Also, your mom sounds awesome! I’ve been trying to convince my mom to throw caution to the wind and take her Cinque Terra, Italy trip or even just her Sonoma Valley trip. She hasn’t given in yet…


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