10 Things I Love and Loathe about Romance in Books

Lovethings I love about romance in books

  1. I love when the protagonist falls in love with their best friend, like Ron and Hermione in the Harry Potter series.
  2. I love when relationships develop organically and over time, like Cath and Levi in Fangirl (also, like Ron and Hermione)
  3. I love when relationships in books aren’t just about passion and obsession. When that fizzles out, what do the characters do? What do they talk about?
  4. I love stories about unrequited love, but they turn me in to an emotional wreck. I’ll never be able to part with Ellen Wittlinger’s Hard Love because it’s the only book that has ever made me cry.
  5. I love stories about falling in love for the first time– that mixture of elation and vulnerability and how it’s scary that someone can make another feel all those things and also it’s scary to think about losing the person that can make someone feel all those things.


things I loathe about romance in books

  1. I loathe insta-love because it’s cliché and unrealistic and unhealthy. It bothers me that these kinds of books dominate the market because who can relate to them? What kind of expectations are we creating?
  2. I loathe love triangles also because they are cliché, but mostly because the protagonist NEVER picks the love interest I would, so either there is something wrong with me or there is something wrong with the protagonist. (I’m betting it’s not me…) Also, I think it’s weak character development.
  3. I loathe the brooding bad boy with a heart of gold. He’s brooding because he’s supposed to be angsty and complex, but usually he has the personality of a wet blanket and has nothing in common with the protagonist.
  4.  I loathe when the love interest does things like sneak into the protagonist’s bedroom uninvited to watch the protagonist sleep. That’s not romantic. That’s creepy and totally warrants a restraining order.
  5. I loathe when a protagonist’s love interest is a supernatural being that is as interested in feasting on them as they are canoodling with them. See number four.

What do you love or loathe about romance in books?

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