Wintertime Reads

Winter officially started this week, but the cold and blustery weather settled in long before December 21st. I was not prepared for this, especially after last winter, which was the coldest and snowiest and most icy and generally most uncomfortable that I’ve ever endured. I’m not certain I ever thawed out this summer, which was particularly mild. If there is one thing about winter that I can appreciate though, it’s that winter is the perfect season for reading. The world seems quieter and slower, so I’m less distracted. I’m also certainly not going anywhere because I’m not comfortable driving on snow-covered roads, and leaving the comforts of my cozy home means I have to change out of my thermal long-johns– no thank you! Truly, I make like a bear and hibernate for six months, and by hibernate, I mean bury myself amongst blankets and pillows with a good book (wearing previously mentioned long-johns).

Thick books

I Love Big Books & I Cannot Lie

Some of the best winter reads are thick, 600+ page novels that for some reason seem daunting in the summertime. A typical winter weekend may go like this:

  1.  Wake up
  2. Sip some coffee while updating Books & Tea or getting caught up on my Feedly
  3. Day dream about Fargo, my cat, being a lap cat
  4. Retreat to my bedroom around noon to start reading a chunky novel
  5. …fall asleep after 2.5 chapters
  6. Wake up and continue reading where I left off
  7. …fall asleep after 2.5 more chapters
  8. Wake up to Fargo, who is not a lap cat, terrorizing my feet, and continue reading where I left off
  9. etc…

Westeros Map from Game of Thrones

A Whole New World

I like fantasy novels, but I especially love them in the winter time. During the summer, you will most likely find me with a contemporary fiction novel or a non-fiction book. But in the winter, I prefer to be swept into a new world. One preferably not covered in snow. Then again, I would not turn my nose up at The Game of Thrones even though #winteriscoming. The dull grey afternoons and early nighttime beg for a little whimsy and magical adventure.

Harry Potter, Book 1

A Trip Down Memory Lane

Most of all, I love returning to books that warm my soul. I’ll often drag out all of my favorite books in the wintertime. This even includes all of my favorite picture books from when I was a kid, like Pig William, The Mitten, and Wednesday is Spaghetti Day. Of course, this means I drag out all of my Harry Potter books and give the series a re-read too.


What season is your reading season, and do your reading habits tend to change along with seasons?