Weekend Review: Books[tube] & Tea


I’ve been going back and forth in my mind about whether or not I wanted to create a youtube channel. Then, I saw the post, Fuelled By Fiction Comes to Booktube, and I just decided to go for it. Check out my introduction video above. really brief. It’s only about three and a half minutes long. I talk about some of current reads, why I’m still a tea newbie after 8 years of drinking tea, and Castiel Tea from Adagio.

This was kind of a difficult process! Talking at a computer was a strange experience, and I kept losing my train of thought. I ended up having to type up a script in notepad otherwise this would have been a video full of “uuuuum” and exasperated sighs. Youtubers make this look easy!

I’d love it if you would visit and subscribe to the Books & Tea Youtube Channel. There is only one video up right now, but the goal is to get a video up every other week on various bookish and tea related topics.

Christmas Is In The Air

Actually, that’s just the smell of Christmas Cookies! And if you noticed my tweets last week, you know I almost wanted to rage quit baking:

It dawned on me that I never shared with you the finished product. At some point, I gave up on spooning on the coconut and caramel topping, which is why there are a handful of nude cookies. Behold!

Homemade Girl Scout Samoa CookiesMy mom took these in to work, and they were a hit. Several people asked for the recipe for these hellbeast. Better them than I, I say!

Tell me bookworms, do you have a booktube youtube channel? I’d love to check it out, so leave a link for me in the comments. Also, have you done any holiday baking yet?


3 Comments on “Weekend Review: Books[tube] & Tea

  1. Im glad my post inspired another booktube newbie to take the plunge! It was a similar process for me, too. I had been thinking about starting a channel for so long but was too… Nervous or something. Your video made me really want some tea. I was an avid tea drinker in uni then switched to coffee for some reason. I think because the making process involves less thought maybe? I don’t know. But I think I’ll make myself a cup right now! I’m also not much of a baker… So any Christmas cookies I eat will be store bought or my mum’s 🙂


    • I love tea, but it’s a drink I mostly enjoy on the weekend. I usually just grab a dollar coffee on the run before work. I went crazy with tea during college though. Most of my classes started after 10:00, so I usually lounged around and enjoyed a cup or two before class.


  2. Aw I love it Jackie! Definitely link your videos through here though! I used to keep up with “book tube” but I don’t have the time anymore. I’d love to check yours out though!

    AND THOSE COOKIES OF YOURS. YUM. I’m jealous of your ability. I’m horrendous at baking/cooking in general.


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