A New Lease on Life

Car DashboardWhat’s New?

The last six months of this year have truly been about embracing life and new experiences, and I’ll certainly reflect more on the later in the month as the New Year draws near. But, I do want to share some exciting news.

First, I bought a new car! A fuel-efficient, little Ford Fiesta. I named her Mabel and she is the color of pearls. I’ve needed a car for about two years now, but in the past I was not in good financial standing to feel remotely comfortable taking on a car payment. My how things have changed. I’m still a bit of a homebody; I cannot deny that. The feeling of independence that comes along with being the owner of a car has been much-needed though.

The next bit of exciting news I’ve actually already mentioned in my recent post about my favorite reading nooks— I’m moving in to a place of my own! Family has kept a roof over my head and my belly stuffed…perhaps a little longer than we had all hoped. But, I am grateful for them. Now, I am leaping into a year-long (and hopefully more than that) commitment with Jon because earlier this month we signed a lease for an apartment that becomes available in January. Honestly, taking on a car payment and apartment rent and utilities bills all at once scares me. Actually, adulthood in general scares me. A lot. I’m still getting used to it even at the age of twenty-six.

Wish me luck?


Binge Watching

I just discovered Gilmore Girls. I know, I know. The series is actually fairly old, but somehow in my youth I never watched it. I was probably watching Freaks and Geeks or something because it was edgy, and I wanted to be edgy too. Gilmore Girls is probably one of the perfect tv shows to ever be created though– yes or yes? It’s the perfect balance of humor and heart-warming. I cannot get enough of it! Plus, it’s been my life long goal to live in a quaint town like Stars Hallow.

On My Radar

To continue with the theme of New, here are a handful of upcoming releases that I’m looking forward to reading:

WR Book Covers 1

The Ghosts of Heaven by Marcus Sedgwick ♥ Love, Lucy by April Lindner ♥ Alex as Well by Alyssa Brugman

So tell me, friend…what’s new with you?

5 Comments on “A New Lease on Life

  1. I love Freaks and Geeks! Linda Cardellini is amazing. I used to like The Gilmore Girls but I never watched it all the way through and I doubt I’ll ever find the time to watch it again 😦 I do like Parenthood though which has Lauren Graham (is that her name?) in it.

    Congrats on the new car and new place! I am 27 and I still suck at being a grown-up. It definitely takes some getting used to.


  2. Yay for the new car and moving!
    I love The Gilmore Girls! I was thinking about re-watching the whole series just a few days ago actually. I never watched Freaks and Geeks though, I’ll have to check it out.


  3. New car and moving out? Woohoo! Big developments on the “adulting” side of life. Have fun, enjoy it all!

    I LOVED Gilmore Girls! I think I started when it was season 4 or 5 and I FELL IN LOVE. I hope you enjoy it. It’s an amazing show! I love the US cover for The Ghost of Heaven. In Aus it’s just plain BUT the sides are BLUE. I was tempted to buy it based on that alone. But it sounded so difficult and hard to grasp so I think I’m going to give it a miss. It hasn’t been getting the rave reviews that I thought it would. It is extremely creative though. I just think I have to be in one of those moods though…

    I’m just watching Elementary right now because everything else is on break…


  4. Congrats on buying your first car, and for taking the leap to move out on your own! It’s funny how something can be super awesome AND incredibly scary at the same time. I’ve been looking for watching to binge watch now that all of my fav shows are on hiatus for the holidays, maybe I’ll give the Gilmore Girls a whirl.

    Carmel @ Rabid Reads


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