Just My Cup of Tea: The Lover’s Tea Cup

The Lover's Dictionary by David Levithan
The Lover’s Dictionary by David Levithan

I tried to channel all of my goofy lovey-dovey feelings for this collection of mugs to sip from while reading The Lover’s Dictionary by David Levithan (review), but as it turns out caffeine fiends are salty until they down at least two cups of joe. I saw more coffee cups saying things like, “I love you more than coffee, but not always before I’ve had coffee” than a simple “I love you, k?” (or some such variation). Still, the cups I managed to find are quite charming.


etsy_piecesofporcelain_heartsmugI’ve featured a coffee mug from Pieces of Porcelain before, and I can’t resist sharing another. I just love the simplicity and the subtlety in this textured heart mug. (from PiecesofPorcelain – etsy)


etsy_chocolateboxcottage_heartscoffesetOn the other end of the spectrum is this bold and red coffee set (9 pieces) (chocolateboxcottage – etsy)


etsy_heartcozy_valknittingshopIf you can’t decide if you’re feeling loving, why not chose this classy heart-print coffee cozy instead? (valknittingshop – etsy)


etsy_secondchanceceramics_lovesucksOr, if you’re totally over love, there is this clever “love sucks” cup. Get it?! It’s a vacuum cleaner, which sucks up dirt. And love sucks. And it’s a pun!  (secondchanceceramics – etsy)



Which mug is your favorite?

I find myself most drawn to the heart-print cozy. I always thought a cozy for a cup was a bit silly, but I keep seeing them, and I find I’m growing quite partial to them.