Just My Cup of Tea: unBEARably cute


So, I had this clever idea for my Just My Cup of Tea feature– I would present a series of tea cups that fit a theme from the book I reviewed during the week. That fell by the wayside when I went on that unintended hiatus though, and now I’m trying to catch myself up. Have you read A Walk in the Woods: Rediscovering American on the Appalachian Trail by Bill Bryson (review)? If you have, then you know that Bill Bryson becomes worried by the idea of bears meandering on the trail he’s hiking, and he’s absolutely hilarious about it. I’ve discovered some unbearably cute mugs that would be perfect to sip tea from while reading this book


etsy_mugsleys_mamabear-papabearSip tea with your honey dearest from this mama bear/papa bear gift set (from Mugsley – etsy)



Tea is kind of like a bear hug in a mug anyway, so why not enjoy it from this Bear Hug mug? (Old English Co – etsy)

etsy_kinshipgoods_get-stuff-doneI don’t know about you, but I’m pretty sure I would be ten times more motivated if I could drink my morning brew from this mug telling me to get stuff done…plus, more bears! (kinship goods – etsy)


If you need  a little more wilderness in your life, check out these stacking wildlife cups! psst! you can even mix-and-match their bodies to make the animals looks like grand mythical beasts (shlos – etsy)


Or, if you don’t like bears (what’s wrong with you?!), here is a simple pine tree mug. I’m sure there are plenty of pine trees along the Appalachian Trail (BearCreekPottery – etsy).


Which mug is your favorite? Alternately, bears are ferociously cute– do you have a favorite type of bear?

I’m quite partial to pandas!