Just My Cup of Tea: April Showers

In the north, there often is one week of warm weather early in the year that makes northerners feel irrationally hopeful that spring is around the corner. It usually takes place in March. We start packing away our long johns and bulky sweatshirts…only to be greeted with a porch-full of snow a few days later. Now it’s April, and the true battle for warm weather begins. It snowed earlier this week, dipped down into the teens at night, and now it’s 70 degrees and sunny. Which begs the question, why am I indoors typing up this post?! But, I digress.

I planned this post shortly after browsing the Farmer’s Almanac, which suggested the Great Lakes region was going to have a soggy springtime. It made me think of that proverb “April shower bring May flowers”. In reality, it’s not been overly rainy, at least not in my town. The forecast always says rain, but it never comes. It’s kind of disappointing because I love rainy days.

Ah well. Here is a collection of fantastic tea cups and mugs for rainy days.

Rain from Society6
Rain from Society6

The Rain mug makes me think of rolly faces pressed up against rain-spattered living room windows looking out onto the world with longing. I never experienced this because I was always the kid splashing around in puddles and making mud pies. I had good parents, and they had good carpet cleaners.

Polka Rain from Society6
Polka Rain from Society6

If you take your tea or coffee with a little whimsy, then I think Polka Rain is the mug for you!

Monsoon from Society6
Monsoon from Society6

Somehow, I don’t think this really represents a monsoon. But hey, what do I know? I live in Michigan, and we don’t get monsoons here.

White Cloud and Rain from Pieces of Porcelain @ etsy.com
White Cloud and Rain from Pieces of Porcelain @ etsy.com

I love this White Cloud and Rain mug from Pieces of Porcelain. So, the handle looks a little cramped, but the patterned cloud and the raised rain drops are unique. Pieces of Porcelain offers a lot of really unique and clever pieces of pottery, so mosey on over to her etsy shop to see more.

Rainy Day from The Celadon Studio @ Etsy.com
Rainy Day from The Celadon Studio @ Etsy.com

The details on the Rainy Day mug are subtle. I love the lightly raised rain cloud at the mouth of the teacup!

Which of these rainy mugs is your favorite? Alternately, is springtime sprouting in your neck of the woods? Has it been particularly rainy?

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