Just My Cup of Tea: A Blank Slate

A (long) while ago, I ran a brief series about finding a designated tea mug for my post-college life. I wanted one that said a little something about me as an individual. Bonus points if it acted as a conversation starter as I awkwardly navigated my way through my first nine-to-fives (or more accurately, eight-to-five-with-an-hour-for-lunches). I never did find that perfect tea mug. To be honest, it’s for the best. I’ve discovered on days that I’m really frantic, I have a tendency to punch my mug of morning brew spilling it all over my important paperwork. Now I only drink from a travel mug that my office provided me. Just to clarify, I received the mug because there were extras, not because I’m clumsy.

Even though I’m destined to drink from work-provided travel mugs for the rest of my life, I decided to bring back this feature. Simply put, compiling a post of tea mugs to fit a certain theme (for example, animals) was really fun. I’m jump-starting Just My Cup of Tea with a blank slate.

Behold! The simple, white teacup:

Any time I mention to my mother that I want to own white shoes/shirts/cats, she gives me a horrified look. She knows that I’m almost definitely going to scuff or stain the pristine fabric by the end of the day. Usually while I’m standing still. But, should I deny myself the opportunity to drink tea from a proper teacup on the likely chance that it will end up permanently tea stained by the end of the day? I say nay! Like a pair of white Chuck Taylors, these teacups are timeless.

Which of these white teacups do you fancy? Alternately, since we’re ringing in the new year in a few days, do you plan on making any resolutions?