Not letting go of Autumn just yet

Hey! Where did all my colorful leaves go?! Why is there frost (very stubborn frost) on my windshield every morning? As much as I love snuggling up by the fire and reading a book while snowflakes fall gently outside, I’m really not ready for winter. But, winter weather is already right around the corner. Can I tell you a secret, blogging world? I’ve lived in the north for the past six years, and I have yet to learn to drive in the snow. I better learn soon because I have a feeling this winter will be a snowy one. But, lets not talk about cold and gloomy winter anymore. Let’s reminisce about how brisk and colorful this Autumn was. Below are a collection of Autumn inspired mugs from which I would love to sip spiced chai.

The wind has long since blown the leaves off the trees. But, Cynthia Casas’s Autumn Ombre mug (#1) and hausofgmone’s Leafy mug (#2) remind me of the red and golden trees that lined the highway on my drive to work.

I missed out on Halloween this year because I was too busy being boring. Actually, I think I stayed late at work because that “month end” my mom, the accountant, has talked about for the past decade or so suddenly became relevant to my life (#accountantproblems). Anyway, check out these Halloween inspired mugs! We have some whimsical jack-o-lantern mugs by InAGlaze (#3) or we have these cute Eek! It’s a Spider mugs from Crate & Barrel.

fox mug moose mug autumn

Finally, here are some mugs featuring wildlife…you know, to celebrate that time of the year when furry critters dart out into the middle of the road at night scaring the jeepers out of unsuspecting drivers. Just the other day my boyfriend clipped an opossum. It’s the first time I’d ever experienced hitting an animal. And I cried. Over an opossum! Admittedly, it was probably a more traumatic experience for the animal. I digress… Mr. Teacup’s hand drawn fox mug (#5) sure looks like a keeper, and katiejspragg’s moose mug (#6) is majestic as most moose (mooses? meese?) are.

What do you think of all of these fabulous Fall finds? From which mug would you rather sip your preferred warm beverage from? Also, if you have any advice for driving in the snow, I’d love to hear it!