Teaview: A fiasco well worth it

First, a huge thank you to Sara @ Tea Happiness for hosting the Two Leaves and a Bud giveaway! I ended up winning the 18 sachet sampler. So you, B&T readers, can expect a handful of teaviews coming your way. Second, this post is actually less about the tea review and more about my experience with this tea.

I discovered my love for peppermint tea during my last semester at college. Every time I drank it, I felt calm and collected and suddenly inspired to write stories. Each time I brewed myself a cup of peppermint tea, I plopped down in front of my typewriter in front of my bedroom window and click-clacked away. But once I finished up my box of peppermint tea, I failed to buy myself more. Since then, I’ve moved on to a point in my life where caffeine content is the highest priority when it comes to purchasing beverages. As you may imagine, I was excited when I found a satchel of peppermint tea in my Two Leaves and Bud sampler.

The peppermint tea was the second tea I tried (the first being Earl Grey, which I ended up accidentally over-steeping that morning before work, so I won’t even go there). My attempts to prepare my peppermint tea ended up being a huge fiasco.

The Two Leaves and a Bud tea bags are really thin and delicate. For the most part, that’s good. The tea bags are environmentally friendly, and you don’t have to worry about the tea bags altering the flavor of your tea like you do with the paper tea bags. But, that’s also a bad thing for a klutz like me, because I ended up ripping the tea bag. I didn’t even notice until I had spilled half the bag’s contents on the counter and floor.

That’s fine, I thought. I can improvise! So, I snagged my mesh tea strainer (that I yoinked from my teapot), and I dumped the tea into that. Unfortunately, my mug was too big for the tea strainer, so I had to hold on to it while I poured in hot water and while the tea brewed. Can you see where this is going? I burned myself on almost boiling water, and I ended up dropping my strainer into my mug sending the loose tea leaves afloat in my beverage. Bah humbug!

I foolishly fished out the tea strainer with my fingers, and then I attempted to meticulously spoon out the loose leaves. I got most of the leaves out before giving up. I decided to drink the tea– leaves and all.

Now, here is where the story takes a turn for the better. My first few sips of Two Leaves and a Bud peppermint tea reminded me how much I love peppermint tea. The frustration as a result of my failed attempts at brewing bagged tea (bagged tea, folks!) just…melted away. Gone. Out the screened, back door. And then, I sat down and wrote for two hours. It felt so good to take pen to paper again.

The ingredients of Two Leaves and a Bud Peppermint tea: organic peppermint, of course!

Now, the actual review for this tea will be kind of really brief because what can I really say about peppermint tea? It tastes like peppermint! But, in all honesty, it was a really nice mug of peppermint. The mint wasn’t overwhelming. It was crisp. clean. cool.

Bottom Line, a nice cup of tea to help clear the mind! And, this was a good tea to infuse multiple times.

Any fellow fans of peppermint tea out there? Do you have a preferred brand? Tell me in the comments!