Quality over Quantity

What would you prefer: reading your favorite books over and over again until you get sick of it or reading hundreds of mediocre books? And why?

This is an easy answer! I’d rather read my favorite books over and over again until I get sick of them instead of reading hundreds of mediocre books. There is so much in life that is already mediocre, like

  • first jobs
  • “fat-free” and “diet” anything (additionally, sugar-free candy on Halloween)
  • generic brand Lucky Charms
  • weak coffee in the break room
  • Those weeks between the last snow melt of winter and the first blooms of spring when you notice all the garbage along the side of the road, and you realize just how much people litter
  • studying really hard for an exam and only earning a C+
  • jeans that don’t fit quite right
  • school lunches
  • magnets that fall off the fridge every time the fridge door shuts

Why settle for the mediocre when I can enjoy my favorites, like

  • roaring fires in the fireplace during Autumn and Winter (alternately, long drives in the countryside during Spring and Summer)
  • thunderstorms
  • cats (preferably orange ones)
  • AFI (that’s a really good band, folks)
  • loose leaf tea (or whole bean coffee, freshly roasted by Jackson Coffee Co.)
  • the following books: Harry Potter 1-7 by J.K. Rowling, Dearly, Departed by Lia Habel, and Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver
Follow Friday is a meme hosted by Rachel at Parajunkee’s View!

11 Comments on “Quality over Quantity

  1. YES.
    Also, I have an orange cat named Cricket. He even has his own Facebook page LOL (since you mentioned orange cats)
    Thanks for stopping by and sorry for the delayed response!
    Jennifer @ The Bawdy Book Blog


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