Jackson Coffee Company

First, let me say something about my hometown of Jackson, Michigan. It’s missing somethings, like a job market. Decent malls too, but mostly a job market. The industrial part of town is filled with old, dilapidated factories, but if you can look past that, Jackson does have a great community, mom and pop diners that make you wonder why you even bother to cook anymore, beautiful landscape filled with lakes, rivers, countryside, and weeping willows, and Jackson Coffee Company.  

Despite being strapped for cash, people in Jackson love their coffee. Yea, we know passing up a morning cappuccino at a local coffee shop would be easier on our wallets. But, what is a life worth when it is filled with only mass-produced, pre-ground, Columbian coffee from the grocery store? We have a Starbucks, a Bigby’s, three Tim Hortons, a Dunkin Donuts, Bearclaw Coffee, and five other independent coffee shops that I’ve never even heard of, but in this town, Jackson Coffee Company reigns supreme. Seriously!  They’ve won the town’s Best Coffee Shop award every year since 2006 when they first opened their doors to their customers.

Jackson Coffee Company does coffee right. Fair Trade. Organic. LOCALLY ROASTED coffee beans! I mean, their bean roaster is right by the front door for heaven’s sake. If you buy their beans online, they ship your beans within 24 hours of roasting. If you buy in-store, you never buy anything more than a few days old. That’s because coffee beans start going stale hours after they’ve been roasted, and in two weeks, your specialty coffee starts tasting like the generic coffee you could have bought at the grocery store. And who wants that? Blech! None of their coffee sits around pre-grounded either. Usually, I snag a bag and ground coffee up as I go at home. But, if you don’t have a coffee grinder, they will grind it up for you at the shop.

I know this site isn’t called Books & Coffee, but I’ve gotta showcase one of Jackson’s many gems. And I know I just wrote a piece about a tea that would convert coffee addicts into tea drinkers. But, well, I just discovered a coffee that would convert ex-coffee drinkers back into coffee addicts!

Normally, I buy dark roasted coffee with bold flavors– Columbian, French Roast, Sumatran. In fact, I’d just finished up my bag of Sumatra beans– great cuppa joe, terrible espresso. With dark roasted coffees, it’s the flavor that wakes me up before the caffeine has had time to take effect. But, during my most recent trip to Jackson Coffee Company, I decided to try something different. I went with a medium roasted, Organic Mexican bean.

The flavor did not overwhelm my taste buds like the dark roasts usually do, and the body of the coffee is relatively light (a light body can be compared to the feeling of skim milk, and a full-body can be compared to the feeling of whole milk). This makes the Organic Mexican coffee a perfect cup of coffee to accompany a light breakfast or a mid-morning snack. Or lunch. Or dinner. This blend is also versatile; it makes a perfect cuppa joe as well as a perfect spot of espresso!

Bottom Line: Honestly, I could drink this stuff all day and not get sick of it. I bought the coffee on Friday. As I type of this post, it’s a Tuesday; we only have enough coffee beans for one more pot of coffee, and I’m about to use them up. It’s that good.

Do you have a favorite coffee shop in your town? Do you have a default roast that you always turn to? Tell me about it!